St. Patricks Day!!!

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  1. thought I would share a little story that my grandfather told me awhile back that would be fitting of St. Patricks Day... It goes like this-

    Some Guinness was spilt, on the bar floor, as the pub closed down for the night. And out of his hole, crept a wee brown mouse, and he stood in the pale moonlight. He lapped up the frothy brew,and back on his haunches he sat. And the rest of the night all you could hear him roar was,"bring on the God*$## cat!"-
    Hope everyone has a safe and happy St. Patricks Day!! I will be sure to drink a few for you all and toast a good fishing season!!!!

  2. i am the kitchen manager of an irish pub in downtown dayton. so this is my hell week. i worked 70 hours this week. and monday morning i go in at 3:00am and get off at 3:00am the next working then tuesday work my regular day shift from 8:00am- 4:00pm then i took of wednesday to sleep.every year i put my pattys day pay check in the bank. that pay period i get about 50 hours overtime.

  3. This is my contribution to St. Patrick's day. It's a bumper sticker on my tailgate...
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    everyone's irish tomorrow. i once lost a job because i went to the bar at 6am on st. pattys day instead of a mandatory meeting at work. had a better time at the bar than i would have had at that meeting. boy, that hangover really cost
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    Gotta ask where you found that, because my wife is a redheaded woman of irish decent lol, that's just funny man :D

  6. ah yes happy st pattys day. Im gonna kill a 6er of killians tomarrow to honor my heritige. I cant stomach guiness, I guess I have a touch to much italian in me for that stuff, lol.
  7. my birthdays on st. pattys day and i dont even wild is that