St. Croix vs G.Loomis

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  1. I've owned and used many of St. Croix rods. From their cheap legend to their avid, premier even their tournament rods. I love em, except thri legend. But what i want to hear is some peoples feelings on G.Loomis. I've tried some G.Loomis rods before but not as much as St.Croix. So gimme some of your opinions on both. THANKS!
  2. PapawSmith

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    I fish almost exclusively with St. Croix Premiers. Not an expensive rod but what I consider a very good rod for the money. My fishing partner fishes all G. Loomis sticks. He has a wife and one kid, I'm on my third (and final) wife and have seven kids. He has desposable income to buy high dollar rods. I pay lots of bills.
    I've used his sticks on several occasions and, seriously, can tell no difference in feel or function that would justify the cost despairity. How much better can one 'great' rod be than a very good one.
    Thats my opinion. But on the other hand he has fished with plenty of St. Croix gear and LOVES his G. Loomis stuff.

  3. GLX will make you a better fisherman...shhhhhh

  4. PapawSmith

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    Hey Nip, me and my St. Croix's and my buddy and his G. Loomis's will see you in May. There's a good test. ;)
  5. ParmaBass

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    Me and my fleet of St. Croix will always be happy with each other:)
  6. I've fished with St. Criox Avids and I have a G Loomis custom made Crankin Rod. I also have Custom made rods designed with St. Croix blanks. IMO both companies are top notch but what does it for me is when I can have a rod custom made to my specifications using either blank.
  7. RareVos

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    What if I have both? I do have twice as many St. Croix as Loomis. Well, 2 Croix's and 1 Loomis... I'm not some gear whore. They are both well made, nice looking, and highly functional. Not exactly like a Coke vs. Pepsi issue... but maybe Coke vs RC Cola.
  8. own a few croix, no loomis,but have used them. for the price comparison I believe the st. croix will take care of my needs just fine.
  9. acklac7

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    I've never had a reason to try a Loomis, probably never will. I currently own 5 St.Croix's and have grown to love them (and there service). Up untill a year ago they would send you free rod tip replacements kits no questions asked! Unfortunitely word got around and people began to abuse there generousity: they now charge somthing like $5.00 for the kit (a fair price if you ask me).
  10. both just are good from my experience, but i'm a st croix man, st croix never let me down
  11. shroomhunter

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    I have 3 Avids and 1 custom made helium filled rod which would've cost 250+ retail. I like all 4 equally, there is no difference for the $$$.
    In addition..I have an OLD first generation Berkley Bionix from the 80's and that rod is every bit as sensitive as the other higher priced rods. It's more of a matter of not only feeling the bite but realizing you have a bite and reacting instantly to what you feel. I've set the hook on many saugeye, walleye and bass that felt like weeds. Good luck with all that!!
  12. Garyoutlaw77

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    Well I guess you can say I got spolied with St. Croix because when I started out I went straight to Avids & have used everything from Tidemasters Wild River's & even the old blue glass rods & love em all. 2 years ago I bought a Loomis GLX & a Bronze back & feel they have quality but are over priced & handel just like my old Shimano Vrods