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  1. I know there has been different threads what I'm about to ask. I would like some information on what would you do or choose for a spin reel for a St. Croix Ultra Light Premier 4'6 rod ? This is my very 1st. St. Croix rod and it's just for crappie fishing only. I wanna go light and have the best fight going ultra light. I have used Shimano stuff but just wondering should I stick with getting a nice Shimano spin reel using 4lb. line and which kind or trying Quantum spin reel. I have been looking at the Quantum Energy and Catalyst PTI-10. So.......what's your thoughts.
  2. go with a diawa reel. i used to use shimano but after two years of using them they would wear out especially the stradics and sustains. switched to diawa and i can get at least five years of heavy use before repairs are needed. i like the advantage series in diawa. the ultra-light st croix i have is paired with a 1000 advantage black/gold reel. nice combo for the price. i think if i was going to get another reel for my ultra-light i would go with a 750 size reel for the weight. just my input! hope this helps ya!!! Capt. Scott

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    I agree about Diawa reels. They'll last you a lot longer than any cheap Shimano. I am not a big fan of Quantum. If that's your bag then have at it, but again Diawa makes a better reel. I like their Tourney SS. Your rod is way short to......pun not intended........for crappie. Most die hard crappie folks go with longer rods such as 6'6" up to 15'. Funny story, I fished a crappie tourney 2 years ago and asked the guy who won it why they use such long rods. His reply was: "oh we don't use the long rods, that's crazy. Our rods are only 10'6"." I just kind of gave him a funny look of complete confusion.

    Anyway, for just casting light jigs and minners and's tough to be a medium light 7' rod. Put a Diawa SS on it lined with 6 lb mono and you've got a great all around set up that would be versatile enough to cast, drift or even troll!

  4. I use like 6 or 7 for rods when I do fish. I just thought I would do something totally different. I'm only going to cast out using wax worms or minnows or hook up my road-runners. I thought hmmm.......this would be like catching a huge fish on this gear just having a blast on crappie/panfish just something to do while since 99.9% I'm catfishin.
  5. I have a Shimano sahara 750 on my St. Croix ultralight mine is a 6'6" though, they are great fun.
  6. Penn 4300 SSG. This is an ultra light saltwater. It has a bigger spool diameter shich means much less line twist if you use mono. This is a very rugged reel and should last you a lifetime.
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    The Daiwa Exceler 1500 is a whole lotta reel for $60.
  8. Hard to beat a Tica Cetus. Think they are about 40$ at Gander Mtn.
  9. X2 on the Tica Cetus
  10. I second the Diawa Exceler 1500. I have the 3000 that I use on a 8'6" St Croix Wild River for all different types of fish and the reel is a great reel, one of the better ones I have bought for the money. I used to love the Diawa Emblem series and the Regal Z was always a quality reel for the money.