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St. Croix rod warranty? Comments

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by gotwipers, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. I fish St. Croix now and just bought an avid series 6'6" casting rod. I have used the thing 1 time and shut my live well lid on it. I broke the tip off (@2"). The rod does have a lifetime warranty, but will it cover my stupidity? I sent an email in but the reply was not very informative. I am guessing the warranty does not but I thought I would see if anyone else has dealt with this problem before.
  2. I went thru the same situation and i send it back to them and they replace it...

  3. REALLY? That is awesome. Did ya have to fudge teh story? I haven't admitted guilt yet LOL!
  4. I wouldn't admit guilt if I were you. Avids arent the cheapest rod to begin with and stuff happens out on the water. I would call them, tell them the tip broke, and you want it replaced.

    I had the tip break on one of my Ben Doerr surf rods. I call them and told them the tip broke. They told me where to ship it and sent me a new one. They really didn't inquire too much about it.

  5. ok i had the same thing happen to me but the wife did it in the freakin house door oooooo divorce if that ever happens again they dont cover ass attacks i told them i was fighting a fish and the tip just broke they replaced it after about 6 mnths no kidding since iv went to gloomis way better customer service i have broke two of there rods on ass attacks but there is my two cents
  6. They are going to know as soon as they look at it what happened. I think it is best to tell them right up front how it got broke. If you fudge it and then they know you lied I would guess they would be less likely to work with you. I had to send an Avid back once because it got broke in a rod locker. I was upfront with them on how it got broke and they replaced it for nothing more then the shipping charge. Not saying they will do this for you but that is the approach I would take.

    Doesn't matter how much the rod cost, it broke because you made a mistake not because of an error on their part. Take responsibility for it. I don't agree with telling a lie to try to get them to cover the cost of your screw up but that is just my opinion.

    Matt D

    Jake - If you bought a Cadillac, which isn't the cheapest car to begin with, and hit a light pole with it would you call them up and expect them to fix it for free? Why is this any different?
  7. :D Good point Matt. I kinda told them that the tip got broken, but didn't incriminate myself. I really don't want to wait 6 months though. I could just put a new eye on and fish with a 6'4" rod LOL. I have the address and stuff I received the email yesterday so we'll see what happens. If they do the repair won't they just put a new eye on? I get a sick feeling every time I hear the live well door shut now! :D :D
  8. I can only speak of my experience but the turn around time was not very long. Maybe a couple of weeks but can't say for sure as it was a few years ago. I received a brand new rod. They typically take the broken one and if the break can be fixed/repaired they sell it in their store at the factory at a reduced rate. Good luck.

    Matt D
  9. stormfront

    stormfront Guest

    back in the early 90s i broke the tip section on a premier rod, totally my fault, and they honored the warranty even though the breakage was my fault. since then, i have bought six more rods.
  10. I will send the rod in, they have partnered with fed-ex and you don't pay full amount for shipping. You can also use the copy of the e-mail and it waives the shipping charges.
  11. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    3rd time is a charm...sounds to me like you should switch to Ugly Stiks! :D
  12. Matt,

    I didn't break my Ben Doerr. It broke at the furrel while I was fighting a hybrid. I know I said the tip broke but it was a 2 piece rod and it was the tip section. All I was stating was that when I called and spoke to them they didn't ask me what happened. I told them I had bought it a few months ago and where it broke at. They told me to pack it up and ship it to this address. Had they inquired about how it happened I would of gladly told them. This happened a few years ago. In the line of work I have done in the past, you only answer questions that are asked of you. You keep it short, sweet, and to the point. If they don't want to know why it happened why would I tell them? If they asked I wouldn't lie but if they don't care why should I?

  13. bronzebackyac

    bronzebackyac Crick Smallie Fisherman

    I'm on my third St. Croix Premier and I have only paid for one. They are great about relplacing broken rods.
  14. All your fault? :D