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  1. 12 in a day......unreal. It got me to thinking how much is a couple day trip usually run? Do you guys normally get a guide? lodging, etc? Would like to head up there sometime this summer, it would be nice to have an idea from someone who can speak from first hand experience, what the damage will be.
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    My buddy is friends with a couple charters on St Clair on the canadian side, I think they usually charge 500 a day for 4 guys, they run out of Belle River about 30 minutes from Detroit/Windsor, lodging in Belle River ran 50 a night you could walk in 5 minutes to where everyone keeps there boats at at the marina.

    I fished up there in October and we did great 7 for 8 one day and 2 for 3 the next day but we only fished 4 hours on sunday. In the summer months it's not uncommon to get 15-25 hookups PER DAY....St Clair is an unbelievable Musky fishery probably the best in the world from what I hear and it's only a couple hours away 3 from Cleveland (i'm a walleye guy so don't quote me on the best in the world but darn close if it's not)

    Let me know if you want some contact info for these guys. It's totally worth taking a charter if you split the fees up. The one charter makes baits too, they are a very popular st clair bait up there. These guys rule the canadian side and won a PMT tourney on the lake.
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  3. I don't think you need a guide if your boat is big enough..

    heres some info

    Deerbrook Marina inc. (lodging) Phone: (519) 728-1123 Email: P.O Box 70, 1023 County Rd 2, St Joachim, Ontario N0R 1S0

    Le Petit Dragon Motel. Phone: (519) 728-1147 165 First st P.O. Box 688. Belle River,Ontario N0R 1A0

    Belle River Muskie Club / Woodie Baits , George Unis (519) 944 - 4138 email

    Can - Am Charters ... World Class Muskie Fishing , Rick Verbeem (519) 728 - 3165 or (519) 562 - 6340. as seen in Esox Angler magazine

    Big Fish Chartes Services ... Capt Tom Loy, Musky Guide (810) 794 - 5749 Algonac, Mi .... email:
  4. i think it's a 15 or 16 foot lowe, extra wide hull. it's got a 9.9 on it, no power, top speed of 9 with 2 guys. don't know if that would be good. But who knows my buddy is talking about getting a 22 foot center console which would be nice. what size boats have you seen people using up there?
  5. I have seen boats of all sizes out there. On opening day 2006, a Michigan DNR officer checked our licenses from a 16ft mod V jon boat with a 25hp. It was kind of rough that day but he was out there in it! You may need more power than 9.9hp though out on the main lake. There are some huge pleasure boats that will wake you at a moments notice. That lake also kicks up faster than Erie sometimes!
  6. Another thing thats really awesome about St. Clair is the free air show! Selfridge Airforce Base is located near Mt. Clemens/Metro Beach almost right on the water. You get to watch F-16's and other cool military aircraft fly around all day!!!
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    Since we're already on the subject, and I have cabin fever BADDD (I'm jonesing!), I'll tell 1roof's and my story from St. Clair '07. We trolled for 2 hours, no strikes, and decided to cast some sections of Anchor Bay. Needless to say, Gabe manages to light up 3 fish in 45 minutes, ALL on topwater. I was horrified, as the 1st fish of the day almost pimp smacked my face as it tailwalked boatside. Incredible. That sight will forever be burned in my mind. His avatar pic is a St. Clair casting fish from that morning. 46"

    Guy, you said you lost a pig this year up there. Ugh. That may be the worst feeling ever, feeling that tension whip back on the rod! The only thing worse is cabin fever. haha. :mad:

    and Stripers4Life, the 9.9 would be okay, but questionable. :confused:
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    Not trying to be negative here, but I wouldn't chance it with a 9.9 motor only....Storms on St. Clair can kick up in a matter of minutes and I mean that literally! You DO NOT want to be stuck 2 mile from your marina when one of those storms kick up, trust me. I have a 22' Trophy and we got caught in one of those storms last year. It just about blew the boat over sideways...I have a full hard top on the boat and the wind took it like a kite...I had to hammer the throttle to get out of it! It scared the sh!t out of me....Another must is a VHF Ship to SHore radio with weather and listen to it often, especially in the spring. I don't take any chances, even with my boat, I get off as soon as I see the darkness coming, typically from Detroit, and the radio telling you approaching storm in minutes...usually means it WILL be there in minutes.

    Now, if you want to fish it in the fall out of your little boat, you can certainly fish at the river mouths and in the shallows closer to your destination and the storms don't seem near as bad then....The only thing you might have to deal with are more consistant "rough seas". Regardless, ALWAYS watch the weather and be careful out there. St Clair, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the Great Lakes and should be well respected.

    If you don't feel comfortable in your vessel, I'd hire a charter and experience it once for yourself. Then, you will quickly learn what you will need to tackle a great lake like St. Clair.....This isn't your normal muskie fishing adventure...I assure you.

    And trust me guys, St. Clair isn't the miracle waters everyone perceives it to be....Yes, double figures in a day are quite possible there, however, we still spend MORE time NOT catching than catching just like anywhere else in the world when it comes to muskie fishing. Don't let anyone else tell you different, because if they are, they are BULLsh!tting you! That particular trip was not easy pickins....we got like 3 fish the first two days and the biggest was 40", the other two were in the low thirties....Its sure is a lot of fun being there when they turn on though! The last 3 days of our trip was the part that the switch was turned on! We ended up with 32 in 6 days...we take our chances and hope to be in the right place at the right time and thats all we can do at this stage of the game. Like anywhere alse, we have had weeks up there not even reaching double digits so don't figure its so easy. Muskies are never easy anywhere you go. The only true "EASY" fishing I know is steelhead fishing! LOL
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    From talking to these guys up there that Sell-Fish is friends with and knowing what I know about St Clair this lake should be treated with the same respect as Lake Erie, it's 486 square miles and in the neighborhood of 24 x 26 miles. It's huge. Wind effects this lake the exact same way as Erie. All the charter boats that I saw where just like Erie boats, big huge walkaround style boats in the 24-35 ft range. A VHF radio is a must. Just because it's not classified as a great lake doesn't mean you shoud treat it any different.

    And because it's so shallow it can even kick up faster than Erie can and the waves are extremely choppy I was out there in a 27 fter that we hauled up and when the wind blew we had 2 fters in 6-13 ft of water, they said out in the middle by the bouy where they fish in the summer it would have been 4-5's all day long and nasy 4-5's.
  10. Yeah we were up for a week with bad weather patterns and the fish were just shut down. 2 reasons why I lost the fish, we were trolling into the wind in big waves and I had a huge weight to get me down next to the boat. The fish was next to the boat. while gaining boat control ( which as a job itself ) the fish ripped out a ton of line. Then decided to go airborne, as it cartwheeled thru the air, I watched the weight and bait fly the other direction. The weight when the fish was airborne helped free the bait from the fish. The only others were dinks.. They did better the following weeks I was told. My partner got only one for the week.... But it was a 54 incher !

    Guy, you said you lost a pig this year up there. Ugh. That may be the worst feeling ever, feeling that tension whip back on the rod! The only thing worse is cabin fever. haha. :mad:

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  11. I wouldn't risk a 9.9 .. It can kick up quick and you have to hurry in sometimes... and boat control in big waves would be hard .... My Boat has a 9.9 and I take it to Chautauqua and those waves can kick up to over 3 footers in severe cases... and that gets tough
  12. thanks for all the input guys, I figured the lowe is a bit small, thats why were looking into getting a bigger 20 - 24 footer for erie this summer, and if we get it in time, we'll trailor that up there. We were also planning on a charter for the first day get the hang of things, because I do understand that it isnt a miracle lake, I'm sure it will take alot of hours to get our first St Clairski. The chance to go to different waters, especially legendary waters is really what I'm after.
  13. I live one block off of St Clair and I have to echo what these guys said about the storms, they can be nasty. I also work for a marine salvage company and I've seen more than my fair share of sinkers. Its not pretty. The fishing off of Belle River is outstandind and they allow two rods per angler now. However Mi law has changed to three rods per angler which is awsome. If you come up during the first part of the season I would reccomend fishing the American side because the weeds are still down and is very fishable. The dumping grounds and the 400 club area have been excellent producers for me over the years. But the Canadian side is outstanding so you might want to try both. I don't know much about lodging on the Can. side but if I can help in anyway for our side let me know.The only thing that can really ruin a day of fishing on St Clair is a North wind. If you get a North wind it just sucks. There is no where to hide. Hope this helps.