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    took a scouting trip from cleveland to st clair. wanted to try and find new place to ice fish so drove the entire shore line from detriot to selfridge. open water til we got up around the metro park just south of selfridge. we saw 50-60 fish houses off gino's parking lot. stopped at jimmys bait shop to get info and this guy was cool. we sat there and b.s. for 20 min. he said couple guys were catching 10in perch in 2-8 ft. just off gino's. guy was helpful and was willing to share any info he had (byron 586-329-3811) i cant make it up there again for a couple weeks but if anyone gets out let me know how you did!!
    here is where they park at gino's. they also go off the metro park boat ramps
  2. Wes,
    You been spending to much time on that michigan site and getting yourself all worked up?
    Yea me too.

  3. www michigan - sportsman com

    Spent the weekend in Northwest Ohio. Took a drive to Wamplers and Devils.