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SSA Ladue Crappie Outing/Ladue Report

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Well, it was a great time, as usual. Just about everyone caught fish. I got 35 or so crappie, but they were all potato chip sized. LOL. Saw gills, bass, walleye, and a big ol' yellow bullhead caught. I didn't win the outing, but I still had a blast.

    A word of advice though....Be DARN careful at the launch ramp. Very sad shape and you can get stuck if you're not careful. I was careful. ;)

    Got most of the crappie under the 422 bridge, and the walleye were caught drifting the East shoreline, jig/minnows, and crawler harnesses did the trick.

    Here's some pix...


  2. :D I always enjoy reading about posts about ladue,good show :D

  3. Nice DO eyes! I've fished there for them two or three times, but still haven't caught one. Was the East shorline the north or south end?
  4. East shoreline, North of 422. I think a couple came off the edge of the channel too.

  5. Thanks, Big Daddy. I might give them a shot this week.