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Squirrel guns

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Minnowhead, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    77/22 LR that my grandpa passed to me. When he gave it to me he said "it better look this way when you pass it to your first son". That will be in a few years and when I do I will be buying another one. I love that gun.
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  2. MassillonBuckeye

    MassillonBuckeye I jig therefore I am!

    then get ready to wrap your head around not "holding" the gun to aim and fire. Yeah. I don't ever remember my grandpas crosman needing me to do that back in the day.

  3. Thanks guys. An Ben yea wanting to get back into the hunting game,my boy is just getting old enough.
    Cajun,thanks a ton man. Ill shoot u a pm when I get ready to purchase one.
  4. Pooch


    When I turned 18 the very first gun I purchased, as a birthday gift for myself, was a Marlin model 60 with a checkered stock. $98.00 at Dunham's. Topped off with a four power scope since new. Thousands of rounds through it with maybe two or three malfunctions that I can remember. Straight shooter, no complaints other than not being able to use shorts. Would recommend to anyone from the experience I have had with it.
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  5. I bought a new Marlin 60 this spring and have put close to 1,000 rounds through it out plinking. It is an absolute straight shooter right out of the box. For $150 you can't go wrong.

    It's favorite ammo seems to be CCI Mini Mags. The only ammo it jams up on her Federal's bulk packs and the Federal blue box 50 round packs.
  6. Remington 541s, when I would hunt them........,now if I did I would give them more of a chance and use a pistol....s&w model 41, or the scoped ruger compitition slab side target,high standard citation open sights also.....all shoot really nice with great triggers
    I think someone has thinned them on my place, didn't notice the amounts during deer hunting plus a crushed beer can on one of the atv paths up the hill
  7. Suppressed FX Wildcat.25 cal. PCP. The loudest sound made is that of the pellet smacking there skull. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1491954838.260285.jpg ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1491956537.477829.jpg
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  8. CZ 452 w/ Nikon 2.5-7X
    Best shooting 22 Ive ever had with several kinds of ammo.
    Almost scary
  9. I have two squirrel guns. My fifty five year old Ruger 10/22 with a four power scope and my sixty six year ods Stevens Favorite. The Ruger still does the job but open sights on the favorite are more than my "keen:rolleyes:" can cope with.:(
  10. Savage .17 HMR, so accurate it's silly.
  11. RWS 54 Mag recoil-less .177 cal. 2 x 7 scope. No noise and when their playing chasing each other one drops and the one just looks at the other while I reload. Doesn't upset the woods.
  12. savage mark 2 bolt action. Putting a 4-12-44 vortex scope on it soon.
  13. Looks like I'm the odd man out. Winchester 42, 410 pump action. Oldie but goodie. Great on running squirrels.
  14. 9Left


    IMO... theres never been a better squirrell gun than a .410
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  15. In addition to my 10/22 I will use my Mossberg Bolt Action 410 early season when the canopy is thick and for shots no more than 25 to 30 yards but I always fall back to the 10/22 as soon as conditions permit.
  16. Salamander

    Salamander Thomas T.

    I use a Marlin model 39 golden in 22 caliber.
  17. It's been a very long time ago, but when I hunted Squirrel's I used a TC Seneca .36 cal. cap & ball. That TC was sold in the late 80's an I bought a 39 A.
    Still have a gun safe queen, A TC Cherokee in .32 cal. + the TC molds an handles. Would bet not more than ten shots on that rifle. It would make a great Squirrel rifle for someone, just not me.
    Never liked that rifle from shot #1.
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  18. Good ammo cci .22 cb caps,750 fps accurate and quiet.Marlin model 25 bolt action.
  19. I too, really liked the .36 cal. Seneca for squirrel and used to squirrel hunt with one often. Used it for groundhog hunting as well setting up on holes.
    Like you with the Cherokee, currently have a unfired Seneca with both .36 and .45 bbls. for a safe queen.
  20. Yep Fastwater, I have let a few very nice rifles get away from me, an the Seneca was one of them. I liked that rifle a lot.
    Hardly ever shot Woodchucks with the Cap&ball. My bean field(woodchuck) rifle was a Sako Vixin in the then newish .223. Heck I let that rifle get away from me also, big mistake.:(
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