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Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by KSUFLASH, Jan 17, 2005.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Well as I was browsing the internet today for some hunting and fishing sites, it appears that I have gotten a bug. When I went to a paticular fishing site, well it wasn't, and it quickly must have downloaded some kind of spyware program, of which then opened a portal to the internet because my symantec anti-virus went crazy.

    Here is what I have tried to do so far.

    I ran symantec virus scan and it found some virus's, and it cleaned them. I then installed a spyware removal tool of which went crazy and said I had more than I had thought, I removed them. I then rebooted my computer and logged into windows XP. I am greeted by some background or wallpaper that wont let me delete it. Only thing it does is allow me to click a link and it then takes me to the internet and fills my pc with spyware and virus's again. I then anti virus it again as well as spyware it, I then reboot in a mode such as safe mode, of which it won't load the network drivers or anything important other than windows stuff to get the pc up. I am then still seeing this nice little background that I cant remove. If I attempt to open internet explorer and browse the web and type something such as, it blips on the screen and then quickly redirects me to some cheesy search engine.

    My question is what spyware program can I use that I boot up from a floppy or CD, and then wipe this crap out with. Or if anyone can give me some pointers, I have ran out of ideas. I did everything I know too do. This one is bad, it pretty much shuts down your machine.

    I am currently on my old pc that I moved up from the basement, and i am fuming mad.

  2. Lewis


    Did you disable System Restore before trying to nuke this thing?
    Its a nice little hiding place for nasty stuff on XP.

  3. Also, running the virus and spy zapper programs in safe mode might help kill it.

  4. I have a few spyware programs that a friend gave me and can see if I can get them onto a disk for you. Microsoft also just came out with a beta version of a spyware removal tool. I would try switching your browswer over to Mozilla Firefox from Internet explorer. The problem with most viruses is that they are specifically wrote to target the holes in IE. Hence why Firefox has worked so well at its start.
  5. Flash , get that crao\p off your computer as soon as you can. Microsoft. com has a beta program that will work for free. IF you are not on a network it will do a fine job. I could not use it as it destroyed my network settings. However other members here have used it to clean their machines. What it will do is keep directing you to a page to purchase software to fix a problem that they created. Good Luck. :(
  6. My whole system crashed about 2 weeks ago and I lost everything. Running Win98 really sucks, I lost everything, I had 3 years of fishing logs wiped out, luckily I had backed up 2 1/2 years of them, lost most of my old college papers, and my bookmarks for all my fishing sites, and a bunch of other programs. Nasty Nasty viruses out there....Is the OGF chatroom safe again?!?!?
  7. Lewis


    The OGF chatroom was NEVER unsafe.