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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FishingGirl1978, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Yes, I know that it's a small lake, but is it fish-worthy? I've been told by a few that it's a "sleeper" lake for LMB, but I've had mostly hard luck there. So shallow that my prop caught up and whatnot. I'm not asking for your hot-spots -- I'm just asking if any exist!! Thanks!

  2. I did well there last year. The bass that I caught were 3-4lbs. Where at Mogadore the bass for me are around 2lbs. But this year I've been struggling everywhere. The boat traffic at Springfield is heavy and the water level is down.

  3. The largemouth fishing at Springfield has been terrific this year!
    Average fish size is 2lb. or a little better with exceptional numbers of 3-4lb. class fish. Not a problem to get a dozen fish or so in three or four hours after work through the week!
    Smallmouth were very good there last year but I've had a hard time gettn on them so far this season(murky water until recently may have contributed to that).

    That shallow water where your getting hung up at is where the largemouth are. Shallow grass 4' or less but there is good deep cover available too!

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    fish that lake before or after the ski zone hours. Durin the ski hours you might as well forget fishing at Springfield.

  5. What Are The Ski Zone Hours???

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    9am-7pm give or take an hour either way I think.
  7. While it can get a little rough it only seems to discourage the fisherman, not the fish!
  8. Does anyone shore fish there? I just went today and the water was really choppy and nowhere good to fish. I was in front of the fire station and so. Is there another shore access that is better?

    Also the lake looks like its wadeable down where the boat launch it. Theres some nice pads over there.

    Today was my first time there.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    better wading opportunity on the other side of the lake.

    Take Rt. 224 West to Hilbish Ave. Turn left onto Hilbish. Go south on Hilbish for about a half mile, turn left onto Lake Rd.

    Take lake rd until you see the lake and the parking spots.

    Fish the lilly pads in front of the pavilion.

    So many Catfish and Carp in this lake that it is like shooting them in a barrel.

  10. Go past the fire/police station to the public access pier. Enter the water just east of the pier and wade toward the houses on that bank. You can go out quite a ways in water that is only waist deep. This is a large sand flat that runs that entire shoreline in front of the houses. The flat has scattered weeds and can be excellent for large and smallmouth bass early and late in the day (plastic worms and topwater).
    I've seen a couple guys park at the dock and wade through there so I don't believe it's too much of an issue with the homeowners you'll be out in front of.
  11. Thanks guys!

    I didnt know there were smallmouths in there! Hopefully I can pull a eye outta there.
  12. I grew up in Ellet and rode my bike to Springfield literally every day in the summer to fish (we're talkin early and mid 80's here!).
    When I wasn't fishing I was hanging out at the old Springfield Lake Bait & Tackle owned by Larry Jones. Larry was a big tournament fisherman back then and his wife Bonnie or buddy Ron Berish would run the store. Several times a week Larry and a fishin buddy would pull up in the afternoon, Ranger boat in tow and proceed to dump smallie after smallie caught at Berlin or the Ohio River into the lake. This went on for several years that I know of and is probably the foundation of the smallmouth population in there today.
    Of course it's illegal as hell but I'm glad they did it!:D

    The Goodyear Hunting & Fishing Club had regular fish stockings at Springfield but I don't know if they ever included smallies, I'd guess probably not. I heard mostly of channel cat and walleye and yes there used to be some pig 'eyes in there too!

    I got a smallmouth there last summer that was a shade under 5lbs. on a crankbait off an underwater hump. I know of one caught over 6lb. late in the fall on a blade bait.
    My biggest largie was 7lb. caught three years ago late October on a Scum Frog in dead lily pads.

    There's a solid handful of guys that know the quality fishery that exists there but for the most part even those that live around the lake don't really know (or care!).

    BTW, I did'nt mention crappie but the very first tournament I ever won was a panfish tournament there, 30 crappie that weighed 33lbs.! That's some nice crappie! That was however 20 years ago and I haven't crappie fished in a loooong time!:)

    Good luck out there!!!
  13. Thanks for the informative post.

    I dont think ive ever heard of Springfield having smallies til you brought it up. I usually fish the Hoga or head out to Berlin and Milton. I havent heard of smallie stocking anywhere around here as well.

    I was told the crappie fishing was pretty good and that the eyes should be pigs since its not pressured much. Are you fishing from shore or from boat? Im assuming boat since no one really fish from shore anymore.

    Today was actually my first time out there and I wasnt too impressed but it was really windy. Ill need to head out there on a better day and see how things go. Its seems more like a recreational lake than a good fishery place.
  14. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Cullin , I to grew up in Ellet up until around 82 and my cousins lived on Beach drive so many times we rode our bikes to the end and fished. Caught the heck out of panfish dont remember to much about the Bass tho. My cousin worked as a general labor typa guy for the Police dept and I would visit him and then fish around the area where the old park used to be. {now thats going back a ways}.
    I remember the bait shop but not the people, they had a HUGE Bass mounting but im not sure if it was from the lake or not.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I lived on the lake for several years back in the 80's If you ever remember seeing those houses up on the hill on the east end of the lake, thats where I was.

    I have fished this lake all my life. You need a boat to properly fish it, though there are fishing opportunities from shore.

    There are carp,pike,bluegill,bass,perch,catfish,smallies,and crappie in the lake.

  16. I grew up in ellet as well 98 grad. i used to do the same thing, ride my bike to springfield to fish, never really cought anything good:B
  17. i grew up in ellet too 95 grad never did well at springfield except for perh trough the ice
  18. Only ice fish it, great for small perch...........Springfield does have some walleye in it.

  19. Wow - it's an Ellet Reunion! Now that you mention it, I'm a class of 96 grad, and (for Flashman) a KSU alum and current grad student. My husband is a 94Ellet grad. What a small world!! We should have a party up there, lousy with orange and blue ribbons... Just kidding. That would just be too much.

    Thanks for all the helpful information. I know that sooner or later we'll have some luck out there. What - exactly - is a "hump" in the lake? How do they look on the fish finder? My husband can read that thing, but it's all greek to me. The way the screen moves from right to left, scrolling across, I just don't get it. Anyhow, we're learning as we go! Thanks!