Springfield Lake pigs

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    Fished Springfeld Saturday and lake was on fire. We went out for smallies but found big largemouth (along with catfish !) schooled up where the smallies normally are. schooled up. We only caught one 12" smallmouth but numerous bass majority all except for 2 in 3 lb+ range, all extremely fat fish, top 5 went close to 18 llbs. The weird thing was we were cathching big channel cats in the same place at one point we caught 6 on consectuve cast, we got a 10# 2oz, a 7# 4 oz, and numerous in the 5lb range all on crankbaits. The bass were all caught on cranks and plastics.

  2. I think I found your spot!:D
    Was there last night. Caught 8 lgm. with one over 5lb and two over 4lb., one little smallie and three channel cats. Cranks and jigs.

    Might head back this evening.