spring valley

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  1. anyone ever hunted spring valley for deer and if u did how did u do
  2. The problem with spring valley is that it gets tons of pressure for the pheasant releases. It really isn't good after small game opens up. Before then, it is ok at best and the mosquitoes are horrible around the swamp in the early season. CC is much better and you can usually find an area to have to yourself down there during bow season. Some years CC is actually better than the private lands I hunt in terms of numbers. You just have to scout more to be successful on public lands around here. At CC there are vast amounts of "Deerless" areas with pockets of high concentrations. They really seem to herd up down there. I normally never see just one it is either none, or 6 or more together.

  3. thank you man we should get together and go bow hunting together some time
  4. Sure Bowhunter. I'm always looking for someone new to drag my deer out for me. :D All my current hunting buddies are on to me. HEHE.
    Just shoot me a note come September. I haven't yet started my scouting this year yet. I am a bit behind but will be getting serious real soon.
  5. sweet well give e a call some time i will pm u my cell number
  6. I was out pheasant hunting last year and three teenagers bagged an 8 point while we were all blasting away at the birds. About a week later there was a 14 point that a bow hunter got down by the shooting range. When i go for birds, i see tons of deer tracks thru all the fields. Multiple times on opening day for the birds,we jump deer up from the tall grass fields. If i didnt have private property in miami co to hunt i would be there.