Spring Valley

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  1. Anyone ever fished spring valley for anything? Im going there soon and id like to know what to fish for if anything. Thanx
  2. are you asking for info on the spring valley marsh area off roxanna/new burlington rd?. i can help and with neighboring ponds.the lake(ceasers) is not yet taking off and local smaller water ways will get warmer much faster.repost if im on the same page. tight lines

  3. Yea i was tlaking about the marxh area. Ive heard theres chain pickeral in there and im sure theres bass and bluegill. just wondering if anyones ever caught anything out of it. Are you talking about the ponds by the fossil hunting area up on the little hill by CC?
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    The dam at Spring Valley Lake washed out a year or so ago after heavy rains and as far as I know it was never repaired. Without the dam it was probably only about 5 acre in size with an average depth of 2 or 3 feet. You could see quite a few small to medium size carp swimming around in the confined area. Even if the dam has been repaired I would imagine most of the fish were swept into the river when the dam broke.
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    It's not been much for fishing in years & years. Had some small LM bass that were fun in the early 90's. Before that it was a nice lake, but had silted in & overgrowth of lilypads. Every year it got shallower. They even dredged it out in the late 60's when I was still in HS. I fished it from a small alum rowboat in the late 80's-early 90's but it was quickly being overcome with the lillies. I spent alot of time there. Eventually there was virtually no open water earlier & earlier in the year as they grew. Too bad, as it was very scenic & a nice place to take kids to catch lots of small bluegills quickly. Frogs were plentiful too. When the frog season begins, there's always alot of froggers there. Not me, I don't like snakes, especially at night. I'll check out my albums for some Spring Valley pictures. I know I have some from 1999 on digital. The Little Miami River is nice along there, never caught much in it, other than some small LM on minnows in the still pockets.
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    Okay, it was my birthday on 3-6-2000 I was there. I got my 1st digital in Mar 1999.
    Here's a few shots from there.


    Baby bass in the shallows.


    That's the "lake" before the lillies take over.
    Here's the old pump across from the parking lot, it used to be a free camping ground.


    This was the old store of the fellow who also had a camp ground there & a swimming pool, the pool building is still there,the pool was to the left of it. It's the red brick building before you get to the old store/restaurant.

  7. looks like you got some info and great pics.i had no idea the small dam had washed away.thats not good news at all for a already shallow fishing area.not sure on the terminolgy but i consider the area a marsh not a lake.i to have caught small bass(none keepers)and small blue gill.chain pickerel i have heard of in days well gone but whos to say there all gone.carp and few crappie were also caught in my trips there later 90s.its worth early fishing before the lily pads choke it.bring your binoculars wonderful bird watching and also a heaven for mushroom hunters.a neat place all in all i think but not a fishermens paradise. ps also try the ponds just up the road off cornstalk in the dog training area for early pond fishing
  8. Thanks for the info. I had no clue the dam had washed away, havent been there in like ten years. I guess it looks like i'll be sticking to those ponds u were talking about. do they have the usual bass and bluegill or what? If so any suggestion on what pond or what to use? Thanx. I'm going tomorrow birdwatching w/ my grandma/fishing. I'll let you know how i do and how it looks. maybe some pics if i can get the camera working.