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Spring Valley Wildlife Preserve

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by collinmesser, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Fished for about 90 minutes at Spring Valley this morning in the rain. This is a nice time of year to fish there because the top isn’t covered in algae yet.

    Lots of largemouth jumping. Despite this they didn’t want a frog or a 1/2 oz white spinner. Switched to a Texas rigged Zoom Speed Craw and instantly starting getting bites. Only brought one to the shore, but lost two others close to the bank. A few other nibbles.

    The cut down all of the trees along the river side of the bank. I’m not sure why but it made for great fishing conditions. You have more casting space and the fallen trees are just laying evenly spaced along the shore. There were tons of bass jumping in any of the areas by the trees. I’ll post some pictures later from my computer.
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  2. I had no idea there was a lake and the wildlife area was that much land. What other kind of fish and do the gills have any size? also what are the depths? thanks

  3. No idea on the depth, I’ve never been out in a boat there. I’m not sure how boat friendly it would be with the algae and weeds. But it’d be amazing in a kayak.

    I haven’t fished for carp or cats but sometimes I see left over sticks set up. And I’ve see carp rolling on the service. I think the gills are a good size and plentiful. I don’t know about crappie either.
  4. thanks for the photos. i found a photo of the trees up at the same location. should make for some good structure. ill try it towards the end of the week and when i get back from turkey hunting. thanks.
  5. is there a muskrat in the first photo??
  6. 9Left


    That body of water, known as the spring valley marsh ...Is only a few feet deep at its max. .. however, the mud and silt on the bottom is probably another 3 feet deep! so whatever you do, do not get out of your boat ..LOL..( ask me how i know
    there are some dandy largemouth in there ... and there seems to be a lot of bluegills but I have never caught one bigger than 6 inches ..

    I have paddled a canoe or kayak over every square inch of that place ...Between fishing and duckhunting
  7. Ant


    Used to duck hunt there and I can vouch for what 9left said.I had to cut my self out of waders one time up in the north end.They were fairly new.Place can be dangerous.
  8. As a teenager I caught my first top-water largemouth at Spring Valley. That was more than a few years ago. 13 incher took a floating Rapala. Great timing to pull that memory from the catacombs of my mind. This weekend I'm hosting an annual guys crappie fishing, beer, and poker outing at my Grand Lake St Marys lake place. The guys are neighborhood teenage friends and include a fishing bud who was with me on that day at Spring Valley.
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