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  1. I started using a vac sealer for fish last year after getting frustrated with mushy tasting frozen Walleye. I used to use the ziploc bag filled with water method, and no matter how quickly I thawed my fish they just didn't have the same texture as fresh. Now that I switched I can't say I taste any difference betwene fresh and frozen.

    I have a couple questions for those that have been sealing their fish for a while.

    1)Do the vac packed filets keep any longer before yellowing/losing quality?

    2)Has anyone found a good/consistantly lower cost place for buying the bags? To me the cost of bags and a slightly longer freezer prep time are the only draw backs of using a vac sealer.

    I made two fish prep leaps last year, the vac sealer and learning to zip my filets. Both thumbs up in my book.
  2. i cant say exactly how long it extends life, but i've eaten fish been vac'd and in freezer for 2 years and they tasted fine. as far as buying the bags, sams has pretty good prices but if you watch Kohl's ads, they often have great deals on bags as well as the sealers.

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    As far as length of time that the fish is frozen, I haven't had any that tasted any different from fresh no matter how long they were frozen. Works fantastic for all game meat also. Go to foodsaver.com and sign up for there email's. They have some real good prices on bags and other accesories....
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    Couple tips I found on here that I use before I say the bag is properly sealed:
    1) Prefreeze the fillet for about an hour before you seal. Keeps the moisture in the fillet and not in the bag.
    2) After you seal check around the fillet for little air pockets. Don't have to be very big to give the fillet a freezer burn taste. Reseal.
  5. I get my generic bags from wallmart. I will second the need to avoid all air pockets. dont overfill the bags and position the fish away from the sides so that the air can escape and it should work just fine.
  6. Boss Walmart is about the cheepest if you have a Foodsaver donot us any bags that are not rough inside like the food saver bags are.Black&decker also make a saver you can use these bags they work fine and are cheaper walmarts also carries them.Instead of the hole bag being tectured on the inside there is two tectured strips one on each side . Did the water thing for more than thirty years now i use a vac sealer ,had some the other day that were baged in 2005 that got lost in the freezer some how He He! they were fine. Tight Lines Fishguy