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Spring Steelhead Outing

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by saintmathew, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. End of March, the weekend of the 27 or 27th

  2. April

  3. May

  1. I had an idea for a Steelhead outing for in the Spring. We have tried this before and have had little success, unlike the K.I.S.S. event KSU FLASH put on in the fall which was pulled off great! Maybe we are looking at a K.I.S.S. Spring event, hmmm.. There are some ideas on my head, but I want to hear yours. I would like to recruit some veteran or experienced Steelheaders to give advice and maybe even hold demos. I really want this to be something fun and refreshing for ALL OF US, not just the Steelie veterans. I want to see everyone get something out of this thing. The only thing is we will have to start the outing the last weekend in March or anytime after that. Too many tourney's will be in the way we can't affect that. Let's pick a location, date, food to bring, etc.

    Keep in mind this is not an OGF sponsered event, unless they choose to get involved. It is going on as an independent event put on by us. What are your thoughts to make this thing something fun?

    PS. Poll will close in 20 days

  2. Well, it looks like March so far. I was hoping you guys would vote for that date. That is going to be a good weekend. Post some of your thoughts on how we can make the outings a good time. Let's start with food. We have the date going. What will you guys bring.I was thinking we all could bring some wild recipes. I will bring my smoked steelhead, cheese, and crackers. I will bring this killer mustard that tastes great with it and some cream cheese as well as some aged cheddar. Come on guys! Speak up! Anyone make Deer chili? We need a Chili guy!


  3. Easter morning is winning?
  4. well, it looks like the date that won was the 26th or the 27th. i am not able to go on the 27th, but i can make it the 26th is someone wants to get together. pm me. i know it's last minute, but maybe we can set something up. we can meet at my place and head out. let me know if you are interested.