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  1. hey all, its getting to be that time of year that i start itching for spring. before we know it the ice will be gone and we can all pick up where we left off before the ice. being semi-new to the musky addiction I am still trying to piece together the behaviors of the beast. I had my first success last year from mid summer through fall, but wasn't able to get on anything in the spring. What i would like to know is at what water temp. they start to get active. Are they an early spawning fish like the pike? is this a fish that can be chased at ice out? and what traditional tactics have shown success in the early spring. any insight would be appreciated so thanks in advance.
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    traditional spawn is between 50-60 degrees. 58 is a magic no. for me both early and late in the year. small minnow baits are good,little spinnerbaits and gliders in shallow water.

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    Springtime = slower presentations in 6 feet of water or less. Try finding bays and coves where the temps may be +1, +2 above that of the main lake. Finding schools of bait will pay off bigtime! Also, everyone usually downsizes, but I find that using traditional size baits slowed down a bit can be just as effective.