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Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by RareVos, Feb 24, 2009.

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    I'd like to sell these in a lot. There are a lot of new baits here. Stuff I never got around to fishing with. There are a lot of partial baits here. Stuff I tossed a few of in baggies to go in my wade kit. There are a lot of things not listed... mixed bait baggies from those wade trips... all unused, just rebagged. I'm asking $100 for this lot.

    Storm Baits:

    Thundercrank Depth 4-8 Phantom
    Mid Wart Depth 8-9.5 Gold Shiner
    Sub Wart Depth 0-1 Brown Frog
    Wiggle Wart Depth 7-12 Emerald Shiner
    Wiggle Wart Depth 7-12 Silver Shad

    Rapala Baits:

    HJ8 Glass Purple Sunfire
    DT6 Fire Tiger
    Glass Fat Rap Glass Purple Chart x 2
    Glass Fat Rap Glass Citrus Shad


    Hart X2 Black Neon

    Marabou Jigs:

    Lindy Premium 1/16 Orange Flame
    Lindy Premium 1/16 Chart


    Gary Yamamoto 5" Single Tail Hula Grub Watermelon Black Red x 15
    Gary Yamamoto 4" Worm Watermelon (no flake) x 10
    Gary Yamamoto Stretch 40 Bubblegum x 5
    Gary Yamamoto 3" Grub Watermelon Blk Red x 2
    Gary Yamamoto 3" Grub Smoke Lg Blk Silver

    Storm Rattlr Craw Tube 4" Blue Craw
    Storm Rattle Craw Tube 4" Brown
    Storm Rattle Tube 4" Camo x 2
    Storm Rattle Tube 4" Green Pumpkin
    Storm Wildeye Curltail 3" Glowtiger

    Poor Boys Goby Bluegill
    Poor Boys GOby Copper Candy
    Poor Boys GOby Gob

    Strike King 3.5" Baby Bossman Grub Milky Sand


    YUM -

    2.5 Crawbug Green Pumpkin, 6 in bag
    3.25 crawbug Crawfish Green Flake, 4 in bag
    3.75 Craw Papi Watermelon Red Flake, 8 in bag
    Super Speed Craw Bullfrog, 3 in bag
    6" Doozee Watermelonseed, 6 in bag
    3" Dinger Watermelon Pearl Lam, 10 in bag
    4" Dinger Green Pumpkin Chart, 10 in bag
    3" Dinger Green Pumpkin Chart, 11 in bag
    3" Walleye Grub Chartruse Pearl, 16 in bag


    2" Clickin Craw Pumpkin Chart Belly, 12 in bag
    Hellgramites Black yellow belly, 4 in bag
    3" Salty Finesse Tube Avicado, 3 in bag
    4" Salt Series Tube Green Mustard, 4 in bag


    4" Powerbait Tournament Power Grub Glow Silver Flk, 7 in bag
    Gulp Goby Green Pumpkin Gold Fleck, 7 in bag
    4" Alive Minnow Black Shad, at least 16 in bucket plus some other baits

    Unlisted stuff: Roboworms, SK Bitsy spinners, road runners, crappie tubes (mizmo, assasin, etc), Prey dropshot baits, more misc plastics, floats

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    I should add, the Yamamotos are listed by numbers of new bags of baits, not by the bait counts themselves. So for the single tail hulas, there are 15 bags of those, or 150 baits. Nothing is opened till you get down to the "partials" category. I may be adding to this post, or really just doing some others I really need to whittle down spinnerbaits and terminal tackle.

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    im sent .....................................
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    The lot has been sold. Thanks!
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