Spring Break Family Trip?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Beer:30, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Hey guys,
    was wanting to know if anyone had any thoughts on where I would be able to get a little crappie / camping / family things. I am not familiar with the area. I do have a boat and want to get away from the COLDER Cleveland area. Time will be the 1st or 2nd week of April. Lower expense would be the best! Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Around here for crappie I like paint creek or Eastfork (william Harsha). Both have campgrounds, I have camped at eastfork a few times and always had a blast. PM me for details if you want to fish either of these and I will give you some helpful info.

  3. I don't know how far you are willing to drive, but if I were you I would drive the extra 4 hours to Watts Bar Lake in TN. Great Crappie lake and good Bass population as well. Plenty of Campgrounds at reasonable rates. I believe it is about 8 hours from Cleveland.
  4. Eastfork would be my suggestion. Just fish the submerged trees with a minner and float and you should catch enough to keep the children interested, but every 8 crappie or so you'll catch one to keep you, the adult, going. The camping part of eastfork I have never tried, but have heard decent things about.
  5. Rocky Fork's state campground is nice and it's a pretty lake. Lots of crappie but mostly small ones.

    Fish4Life made a good suggestion. Watts bar is really nice, great crappie and not nearly as crowded as Ohio lakes.
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    Just got back from disney, fishing was good......We booked a 4 day trip with park hoper passes for $1,100. Add food exp and shopping we spent a total of 1,800. I hope thats good:)..........
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    Hey beer :30. I go along with the Rocky Fork idea. I think they are the only one with camp sites on the water and also have full hookups and free docking for your boat. Last year was my best year fishing there. My grandson and I caught 36 crappie in a couple of hours last April. There is Seven Caves nearby as well as an Amish store and some other tourist places around.
    I used to go to Watt's Bar every spring myself for the crappie. In a good year there can be lots and some are huge!!!! up to 18 in. that I have seen. However; fishing in early April is real iffy. They're usually scattered and it's like bass fishing.
    Either way I hope you have a good time off and good luck fishing!
  8. Caesar Creek Lake's campgrounds has its own boat ramp and it is a lot closer to Cleveland than most of the other lakes mentioned. At the time you are planning to be in this area, there should be pretty good fishing for crappie and pre-spawn bass.
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    Thank you all for the suggestions. It has given us plenty to look at. We may try to hit a couple of them that week.

    Thanks again,