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Spring Bass

Discussion in 'Bass Discussions' started by Oldfox1939, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Caught 7 nice bass tonight in a private lake (70 acres) fishing about 100 yards of shore line.

    The big boys are looking to feed........of the seven, smallest was 2 1/2 pounds, most were 3-4 pounds.

    They just tore up a black buzz bait.

    Oldfox ( formerly Larry) :D
  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Where were you fishing at? Gonna try O'Shaugnessy Sunday, I hope they are in the shallow areas like they usually are this time of the year.

  3. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    buzzbait in 50 deg. water?
  4. You fishing in Ohio?

    If so, that is an absolutely phenomenal catch! Especially on a buzzbait this early in the year. I have been bass fishing in Ohio for about 25 years, and I can count the number of 3-4LB bass that I have caught on both hands (and have some fingers left over).
  5. Fishing in Landen Lake near Kings Island, North of Cincinnati. I live on the lake, which is closed to the public.

    Black Buzz bait, water is stained, don't know temperature.......all fish were in 1 to 2 foot of water next to shore.

    Was out this evening and only hooked up with 3, one dink one about 2 pound and the bigg'in was 4 -5 lbs., About the biggest I ever got in this lake.

    The big fish come in like this every spring, hang around till they spawn out and then head for deeper water.

    I started fishing last night around 6:00, started tonight around 7:00....they seem to shut down as soon as the sun goes down.

    (Formerly Larry)
  6. Congrats on the fine catches! I found that the bass were moving up in ponds here in southern OHio. I was catching them on slower lures like the plastic lizard and floating rapala. All were nice bass, 2-3.5 pounds, which was a blast. Keep up the good work!