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spreadsheet question

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by discgolfer, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. i have taught myself how to make spreadsheets to keep track of my scores and averages on every hole for several discgolf courses. basically just entering simply multiplication or division formulas in box to keep averages. lame, i know :rolleyes: here is an example: =C2/B2 to get average on a certain hole, or to figure my average round on the course: =d29*(18)-54

    now i am trying to do something simple. have a running total of something added together. seems easy, but i can't get it. i've tried =C2+D2, and other variations.

    i am using staroffice. very similar to microshaft, and will open their spreedsheets. any help will be appreciated :cool:
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Not sure if I'm understanding you correctly, but see if this helps.


    that will total a specified range of cells.

  3. that didn't work shake. basically there are several items that i want to keep a running tally of. it would update the count using addition formula in a seperate cell. i'm baffled :confused:
  4. If your software has similar functions to MS Excel, which you stated that it is somewhat similar, then Shake's formula should work to sum a range of rows or columns. If you were doing numbers down a column you would use


    which would summarize the values in cells in column "C" and rows 2 through 5. For more rows to be included the number can change.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Doctor

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    =SUM(D5:G5) should work, did you include the brackets? I use this formula to track my expenses for tournaments, gas +motel+entry fees gives me a total.
  6. [​IMG]

    i am trying to attach my first pic on a post, so wish me luck.

    i want to keep a running tally of several stats for every team in the league. example: if foul territory scores 1 run last week; i want to enter 1 in C2, and have foul territory's season run total be updated in C14

    most categories will be simple addition. there will be some averages averaged together too.

    thanks for the help, disc
  7. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    i think you need an initial value within c15 at the start of your spreedsheet, cuz the way it looks now your adding c3 + nothing = Err. (i could be wrong here :p )

    i have a excel sheet at work with some functions similar to what you need to do. it keeps running tallys month by month of how many pieces of film were cut for any givin month. all i do is enter the value in a cell and it adds all previous values together in same row. if the date has not been passed, it passes the same value down the whole row to dates that have not occured yet. (okay, that really isnt a good explaination but....) anyway i'll email it to you tomorrow so you can see the functions..... ;)
  8. It looks to me like you have what is called a circular reference in your calculation. The cell C15 has a formula that says to add cell C3 and C15. The problem with this is that once you add the two the value in C15 changes thus changing the answer. It becomes like a cat chasing his tail. I hope that make sense. In other words you do not want to create a formula that references the cell that the formula is in or you will always get this problem. If you are wanting the total of C3 and C15 then use the formula that you have but put it in another cell in the worksheet.
  9. i
    Discgolfer, sure sounds like you have one very exciting life. So whats your current handicap (score average)?

    After my latest escapades, I might have to take up disc golf as I won't be able to afford real golf.
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    Rt. click on the picture, then copy & paste that http addy in the post. Click on the Insert Image icon and paste it in that window. :)

    More info on how to (click) here.

  11. thanks guys. here's a shot of the new one. i had to list out every week to get the desired effect. i'm sure there was an easier way though.

    welcome back sheephead. i am my biggest handicap :D:D just depends on the course i guess. i really havent thrown much in last 2 years, but am going to take it up again soon if liq. tension doesnt get his boat out of storage:D:D:D

  12. just getting used to posting a pic now
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    its coming home this week....

    man, the snow just turned me off... along with losing an hour.... didnt even get outta bed till noon sunday :rolleyes: :p