Sporty's World NASCAR Fantasy Racing League

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    Introducing season 8 of Sporty's World Fantasy Racing League. This league is totally free and just for fun and of course bragging rights!!

    There is a change to scoring this year just to twist things up a bit! Group 1-4 cars will receive the same points as given by NASCAR. Group 5 cars will receive double the NASCAR points.

    Stop by and sign up - There is room for 50 teams and if that fills up we'll get 50 more.


  2. Initial user name and password?

  3. sporty

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    Hey Bill,

    It should be sporty and nascar.
  4. Team Polski Position signed up & ready for another exciting year ! ! ! !
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  5. how do you sign up? i get this wacky thing that i thought was a page error. lol
  6. sporty

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    - Click here (this will open a new window).
    - Enter sporty for the league code and nascar for the password.
    - On the next screen you will enter information for your team.
    - Team Name (make something up that you like).
    - Owner Name (use your real name, nickname, a screen name, etc).
    - Username (this will be for log in purposes and will not show up anywhere).
    - Password/Confirm Password (again for logging in)
    - E-mail (details of your account will sent to this email)
  7. You have to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer. With IE, you don't see that. I use Firefox & Netscape Navigator and have seen that. That page was written specifically for IE.
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    Hey Stoshu,

    Is that one of my pages (sportysworld) or the racescore pages?

    Sorry good little corporate boy here using all MS :D.
  9. got it! all signed up. now what do i do? LOL

    thanks guys. i use firefox also. when i looked closer at that page i was like wth is this? lol
  10. i think it is on your pages sporty. its on when i clicked on say NASCAR Fantasy League and then clicked on sign up instructions it came up. its pretty funny. the numb ass one got me for sure. lol
  11. Ya... What he said. I don't know where that 404 message comes from Sporty, but it is quite funny. If you want, I can send you a screen capture of it... What program are you using to write your code??
  12. sporty

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    Hehehe - that's a "custom" 404 page :D.

    I used Dreamweaver, some graphics package and manual coding. I haven't touched the source in years. Maybe time to work on it? lol.
  13. sporty

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    I stripped everything out put pure HTML for the 2 pages involved and a buddy with Firefox is still getting the 404 error. I dunno fellas.
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    Where can I get templates to make up my cars?
  15. sporty

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    I'm not sure what you mean KaGee?
  16. sporty

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    Time's winding down to set up a team folks!!!