Sporty's World Fantasy Racing League

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by sporty, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Introducing season 9 of Sporty's World Fantasy Racing League. This league is totally free and just for fun and of course bragging rights!!

    There is a change to grouping this year just to twist things up a bit! There are 3 groups. Group 1 has last years top 10 drivers, Group 2 has drivers 11-20, Group 3 has all other drivers. Pick 2 from Groups 1 and 2 and pick 6 from Group 3.

    Group 1 and 2 cars will receive the same points as given by NASCAR. Group 3 cars will receive double the NASCAR points.

    Stop by and sign up - There is room for 50 teams and if that fills up we'll get 50 more.

  2. Double points on the 3rd bracket...interesting. The last backet, I think 4th bracket last year, drivers are the ones who pulled me back into the lead last year.