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sportsmans 10hp circuit

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by mikeshookset, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. i see there is some interest here in this circuit so i decided to give some info. the first tourny is march 26 at wolfrun. 8am-4pm. i see that some one thought that there was also a club tourny there that day also . i am good friends with that club and they changed there date out of kindness. there was a mess up in paper work at wolfrun and neither of us new lol the other club knows who they are and i want to thank them!! the pig roast at the champoinship last year was a big hit so it looks to be on for this year again. there is also over 20 sponcers for the championship this year. prizes will include trolling motorbatteries oil tackle rods trophys plaques jackets for the points leaders. this circuit is run for the fisherman by the fisherman if you fish and have fun great it your not having fun then that responsibility falls on my shoulders come and talk with me no idea is a bad idea unless its kept silent. if any one needs more info please call me ( mike slates) at 330 298 3495 and i will be happy to give you the info you want. keep them lines tight and the limmits full ( 5 fish) lol mike slates
  2. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Anybody else want in on this?
    Its going to be a load of fun this year and if you have a
    small boat and a 9.9hp on it you should give it a try.
    Mike is one of the most levelheaded tournament directors
    you will come across. He's going run this thing with the fishermen
    in mind and above all a great time by all is the first thing in mind.
    Sponsorship is not required by it helps everyone if you can get
    it and if you just want to try out one tournament, take a look at
    one of the opens. Good luck.

  3. what is the schedule?
  4. the schedule is> wolfrun march 26 8am-4pm > piedmont april 10 7 am - 3 pm at the edgewater ramp may 1st is the piedmont open 8am-4pm at the egge water ramp> atwood may 22 7-3 at the dam> atwood open june 12 6 am - 2pm at the dam> clendening june 19 6 am -2pm at the 799 ramp leesville july 10 6 am - 2 pm at the petersburge ramp CHAMPIONSHIP sept 11 at leesville 7 am - 3 pm at petersburge ramp. the championship will be another blow out this year with a pig roast deepfryed turkeys over 20 sponcers donating prizes!! throphys plaques rods tackle trolling motorbatteries 2 cycle oil points leaders will be awarded thier jackets. this is not hype only facts talk with anyone that was there last year. for further information feel free to call me at 330 298 3495 my name is mike slates i am the tournament director and i will be glad to answer any and all questions. keep them lines tight and the limmits full ( 5 live fish ) lol hope to see ya there
  5. Flipp

    Flipp Bass Chaser

    I will joining this either wolf run or peidmont will be the first one. depending the weather for wolf run.
  6. Corey

    Corey OGF Team-Charter Member

    FYI, Mike runs a quality circuit. Darlene and I became involved as sponsors last season and attended the Championship Pig Roast. It was fun! I want to comment on this circiut from a sponsors' point of view. Many tourney anglers and clubs out there have trouble getting sponsorship. Many companies are flooded with requests from anglers for sponsorship and have been burned over and over by fishermen who think that they are doing you a favor just by wearing a patch on their jackets. I am always hesitant to get involved or donate money and/or tackle to clubs. Mikes' 10 horse circuit does things right. They try to involve their sponsors in planning and events. They acknowledge them in every way and those anglers who compete in this circuit go out of their way to recomment their circuit sponsors to other anglers and to do business with those sponsors who have contributed to their organization. I highly recomment to other businesses that they can become involved with this circuit without fear of being taken advantage of. I am so happy with my involvement that I will continue to try to find ways to help out. For those anglers who are considering competing in this circuit, one of the things that Cripple Creek Bait & Tackle is doing for the 2005 season, over and above the donation of 2 Falcon Flippin' Sticks as drawing prizes to be given away at the Championship and a $100 bonus for the "Big Bass" pot at the Piedmont Open, for any 10 HP circiut member who shops here at Cripple Creek, I will split the difference between my wholesale cost and the Bass Pro catalog price on any items from BP. I also pay the shipping. This can add up to pretty good savings. I am also trying to come up with something that Bill Byers, owner of Pride Valley Homes and a tournament angler, can do together to make some special contribution to this seasons' success. Bill provided beautiful trophies for this circuit last season, along with other sponsorship.
  7. THANK YOU CORY& darlene !!! i beleave when a club or circuit has sponcers its a privelage not a right. and when we as clubs or circuits have sponcers we owe them the curtasy to conduct ourselfs in a maner as not to embarrase or hurt thier reputation and to advertise thier products and to buy thier prouducts . if we do that and do it well then we can not only keep them involved but also not hurt some one elses chances of picking up sponcers!!