sportsmans 10hp bass circuit open on piedmont may 1 st

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  1. there will be a open on piedmont may 1st 8 am to 4pm run by the sportsmans 10hp bass circuit.. $60.00 entry fee pays back 4 places plus 1st big bass and 2nd big bass. CRIPPLE CREEK BAIT & TACKLE is donating $100.00 to the big bass of the day. that will make the big bass a very good payday all in its own. this open is at the edge water ramp. PRIDE VALLEY HOMES is donating plaques down 5 places plus plaques for 1st and 2nd big bass. big bass is included in the entry fee.. all entry fee money is collected at the ramp. if any one needs any further info on this open feel free to call me ( mike slates ) at 330 298 3495. cripple creek bait & tackle is located on rt 250 just west of tappen lake and they have alot of fishing supplies please tell em the sportsmans bass circuit sent you. any one interested in a new or used moble home please contact bill byers at 740 922 1550 and also please tell him the sportsmans 10hp bass club sent you. please remember to support the sponcers that support you and your sport!! lets please not just talk the talk but walk the walk and keep those that lend us a helping hand in buisness for years to come and please tell them thank you!!
  2. Any non-boater tourneys available?



  3. we dont have any draw tournaments tommy.. if you dont have a boat look into joining a federated bass club that will get ya a start