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  1. anyone planning on being at the sportsman show? I know i will be, and i have plans to by a lot of stuff!!

  2. I hope you don't have plans to buy fishing or hunting stuff. It's all ginsu knives, car wax, candy, cleaning supplies, water purifiers, etc. It's everything, but a sportsmans show IMO.
  3. It does keep getting worse every year... but I still go every year! It just gives you a small sample of that spring feeling. plus my girls love the trout pond!!!!
  4. The show is starting to turn into a joke. I've been to hundreds of smaller shows around Ohio that take up a tenth of the area that the IX Center does and most of them are better. Booths full of stickers,toys, As seen on TV products and special all purpose knives that cut copper pipes right before slicing a tomato are the reason I will not be attending this year. Give me a small hunters swap meet any day over this joke of a show.
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    But you can ride a camel!!! I.m not sure i could be in the booth across from them for 5 days.
  6. I haven't been in years. The last time I went, I had a free parking pass and a free ticket to get in and still felt ripped off.
  7. ....You are right guys.....wrong words to use IX Sportsman Show.....if they percented it my guess would be 33% sportsman....I'll pass again this year....
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  8. I attended yesterday. The show was definately better than last year, but, still not my favorite. I really enjoyed the shows at Emideo's and Willowick Middle School.

    This year at the IX show they seemed to group the booths a little better. There were a couple good tackle vendors and Vic's had some really nice boats on display. I'm replacing the floor in my boat and renovating it so I got some good ideas.

    Again, not my favorite show, but, better than last year since the gimmick stuff was more grouped together and easier to avoid.
  9. Theres another sportsmans show in Austintown, OH in the Austintown Plaza on the last weekend in March. They set it up in the old Ames/Hills store and I have heard that it is pretty nice although I have never gone myself.

    I will give it a try this year though.
  10. I have no problem with and boat or atv displays because that makes sense its all the other CRAP that gets on my nerves. I guess it cant get on my nerves if I dont attend so thats why i'm opting out this year. Like I stated earlier I like smaller more personable shows such as swap meets.
  11. I'll be there tomorrrow with camera in tow, shooting a couple stories fro the weekend shows...

    Watch TV 3 at 6 or 7 and you'll see what is at the show. I'll try to give a good representation...
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    Who runs the Sportman Show? It seems like this discussion comes up every year about how bad the show has become. Just wondering if there is any way to forward a couple of these threads to an organizer?? I, like alot of other people usually end up going just for something to do, but I haven't been impressed the last 5 or 6 years. I remember when the show used to be HUGE, now it they share the floor with bridal or baby shows. I won't be going this year an by the looks of things I'm not missing much, again.
  13. I don't know what all the fuss is about not much being there anymore, in just a couple hours this afternoon I hit the motherload! I got more brochures than I could possibly carry! :D
  14. Took Off 2 Hrs From Work Yesterday To Attend Show. Took My Son Along With Me. We Have Not Gone The Past 2-3 Years. He Was Very Disapointed. " Dad, Do You Remember When It Took Us All Day To Go Thru This When I Was A Kid?" I Had To Laugh, He Is Only 20. I Did Take Him When He Was 3-4 Yrs Old. I Went For 2 Reasons. 1 To See How To Down Load New Soft Ware For Lowerance Fishfinnder/gps 525 Lms. Why Didn't You Bring It With You? We Can Do It Here For You. Thats Great But I Live 45 Min Away. But I Did Get The Promblem Resolved. 2) Wanted To Compare Electric Downriggers. No Reps From Any Companies Eg. Cannon/walker/big Jon Ect. Cisco Had Some But Just Was Not Intrested. Very Few Tackle Vendors. 6-7 At The Most. $9.50 Apiece To Get In (had $1.00 Off Coupon) $8.00 To Park.
    Great To Spend Time With The Kid. But Felt It Was A Rip Off. We Walked Up And Down Every Asile. 1 1/2 To 2 Hrs We Saw Everything.
    Just Not Worth The Time. Spent More Time Walking Around The Cuy. Falls Sport Show. Just My Opinion.
  15. The IX Sportsman Show is a big money trap and is loaded with tons of propoganda. The Falls Outdoor Sports Show, and the Eastwood Expo Center Sports Show are much better shows.
  16. ....sharon time..... it might be your are cost you a 20$$$$ bill just to get in the door...I can remember back when as you said you had to spend all day going just stated all the reasons I do not go anymore....a few years ago it took hours to go through all the tackle...
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  17. To those complaining about a lack of tackle booths...... You have to remember that times have changed greatly. "back in the day" you got tackle at Kmart, Sears, a handfull of other general department stores, or at the local bait shop. We didn't have the sportsmans mega-marts, super sized mail order places, or the internet. Many of us went to the shows to get what we couldn't easily get localy, and there were dealers that thrived on the shows. Now we can all get what we want when we want it and have a lot of choices localy or through our computers.

    In my opinion, changing times, extreme booth rental costs,the parking rip off and stadium priced food have killed/reduced a lot of the shows. With a family of four it takes $50 just to get in the door. Add another $50+ to buy four hot dogs, fries, drinks, a bag of jerky, and a round of fishing in the trout pond and you have an expensive family outing for a few hours.
  18. I will be there tomorrow (sat) with my son hope to see some fellow OGF members. He is looking forward to the trout pond. I am too a little it's been a long winter LOL
  19. Just like MTV changed the music landscape (and more recently iTunes), the internet has made these mega-shows extinct. This show was the place where you could talk to the Canadian outfitters, providers of houseboats/cabins in the south, and charter captains in Erie. Now, they can never compete with the info and deals on the internet. The local businesses can not afford the bucks it costs to go to the show, so they frequent the local shows (not a bad thing). If it wasn't for the booths selling the wonder soap, knives, and indian garb this show would probably not continue. Nearly twenty bucks (parking + adm) is a steep price to ask for getting nothing but a plain dealer newspaper on the way in. The days of this being the place to get good deals is over. Plus the factory reps seem to be short supply or not real knowledgeable.

    I enjoyed the show when it was held in the downtown convention center, where you could buy bulk quantities of goods from local producers/providers. A buddy of mine sold his jigs there, and that show made up quite a bit of his yearly sales. Seemed like more fishing/hunting related stuff back then, less of the 'junk' booths.