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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by leadcorebean, Jan 12, 2008.

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    gander in twinsburg has the guide series trolling spoons for .95 cents each.. not many colors to choose from and im not sure how well they work but for that price i picked up a few just to try ..
  2. ezbite

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    i have several guide series spoons and only one i ever caught and thing on was the bloody nose. ran them alot too. for .95 cents you still cant go wrong, compaired to a $4.00 stinger(which i love:p )

  3. Some of my best days on Erie have come from using off brand spoons. Those walleyes see tens of thousands of the popular brands trolled in front of their noses each and every day. Throwing something at them that has a different profile and fluttering action sometimes starts a feeding frenzy.

    The Luhr Jensen Needlefish has put many, many walleyes in my boat.
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    Remember that name Ezbite. It's not Polish but if Het says it catches fish you need it.

    :D :D
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    i already did a search:D do they all come with that little clicker?
  6. The ones I have do not have it. Sometimes they are pictured with it, sometimes not.
  7. Ya just never know whats going to get hot. I have
    a bucket full of pro kings that I havent caught anything
    but kings on lately. What goes around comes around. I
    think my boat weights 10 lbs heavier from the extra steel
    I haul around.