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  1. Possibly some help here?

    I've several spincast reels that in my own stupidity removed the spools from some years ago. I obviously have since lost the spools and some cranks, but still have the reels. Some are very nice reels (I think) - A Cardinal 563 by Abu Garcia, a couple of Mitchell 300S, and a Cardinal MAX4. Anyone have any advice for getting replacement parts? I'm likely going to contact the companies, but someone may have been as foolish as I.
  2. Probably your best bet is going to be to get lucky and find someone on here that has old reels sitting around because something like a bail spring broke on it. Perhaps between the two you would end up with a good reel. I don't think any of the reels that you mentioned are high priced reels and thus ordering a replacement spool or cranks may cost you nearly as much as buying a new reel when you include shipment.

    I have a few old spinning reel lying around as well. I am pretty sure they are not those models but I am wondering if they may serve someone else the same purpose. All they are doing for me is taking up space in my cabinet.:rolleyes: