Spooling my 3wt reel?

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  1. The 3wt reel now needs to be spooled. I just picked up some cOURTLAND 333
    Pro WF3F from Gander Mt. for it. Its a small reel, do I still need a backing and how much should I put on? Its also a rocket taper, how do I know which end to start with?

    Just tooling around till the ice becomes more safe!
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    the line should have a sticker that says this side to reel. also you still need some backing to attach the fly line to your reel. just make sure not to use too much otherwise you will be taking all off again.

  3. Put it on backwards...first put the line on tip first and wind it on the reel, tie on the backing to the end of the line and wind util about 1/4" or so to the rim, cut the backing.. Wind it by hand back onto your 333 spool and now the backing will be on top tie it on the reel and spool it on...works well.
  4. Everything worked out well. Now whats a fly fisherman to do? My last two rods were packaged combo's. Putting an outfit together sure can get confussing. I have a 3x (5.5lbs)tapered leader with a 2lbs tippit? I chose a metal eyelit instead of a braided loop for the end of the floating fly line.

    How does this sound?
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    never heard of or used a metal eyelet? will this metal eyelet make your floating line tip sink? I just nail knot my leader to my fly line and then add tippet to the leader if I need it with a blood or surgeons knot. of course you end up cutting your fly line a lil when you add another leader. I need to get with the loop to loop connections lol.
  6. The metal eyelit is so small it may float on its own. But that is a good question. Its suppost to prevent bulky knots and loops. I found it in an old fly fishing box of my grandfathers, must be 5o years old. He used to tie his own dry flys. Also, everything else in the old box is about "floating", old line, treatments and such.
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    I don't recommend using those metal eyelets. You can tie a section of thick part directly to line as in a nail knot and then tie a perfection knot about 6 inch down from tip of line . That way all you have to do is slip a new leader on it. You can use those braided connector if done properly but this is to be told in great length. I am not a fan of those lines as they coiled up so bad in cold water. Or better yet I buy a those new lines that already have the loo[ps on the ends. I love this as it so easy changing leaders for different fishing situations.
  8. I second what flyfishdog said. I tie a thick pice of mono nailknot to the tip of the fly line tie a loop about 4-6 inches up. THat way it's always on and you can just switch leaders. Here is a good link that will take you through those knots if you are not familiar with them..http://www.animatedknots.com/indexfishing.php
    Never tried the metal eyelets. But, have had bad luck with the loops that attach with shrink tube.. I think 333 is good line you'll be happy with it, I've been using it for a bit now. Don't take a 3wt out in the rivers when it's really cold at least in Northeast ohio, a steelhead might take your rod to Canada...I use a 3wt in the summer mostly.
  9. I appreciate all your advise. The 3wt will be strickly used for panfish in local lakes and ponds. I know an occational bass will hit, thus the 3x (5.5lbs tapered leader). Do you guys think I should leave the outfit home when I go to Canada this summer? Or have fun with the panfish up there if the bass aren't hitting with the 5wt outfit? The leader will only be changed when its to short after tying on many flies and poppers. How long of a tippit should I use? The rod is only 7 1/2 ft.
  10. Definitely take the 3wt. If you think a 3lb SM on a 5wt is fun, just hope you get one on the 3wt. I've landed carp on my 3wt and it is a blast, just more challenging. The leader and tippet selection should be based on the hook size/weight of the fly you are tossing. I tie my own leaders and even on my
    3wt the first 5 to 7 feet is a combo of 25# + 20# + 0x. The last 2 feet are the tippet called for by the hook size. Oh Canada - enjoy!
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    Yea, I definitly take it with you. I know I can outfish conventional on my fly Rods. Keep leader short no more 6 to 7 feet(Max) cause the longer leader will be hard to turn over poppers and etc. Have fun. Take along flies like Damsel adult and nymphs and you will have your hands full of fun!
  12. Joe,
    Definitely take the 3 wt, or you'll regret it.

    Assuming your fly line doesn't have a loop, but your leader does, try this knot....it almost looks too simple, but I've used it & 2 buddies who fish all year in Tennessee use it exclusively. I haven't heard of a knot failure yet, & it goes through the guides easily....
    www.flyanglersonline.com/ in the left, go to "features", then to "knots" & look at "Castwell's knot"....like the guy or not, this is a knot well worth knowing.

    Also, if you have any questions, TMF fly shop in Ravenna is not far from you & Frank & the guys can answer all your questions for you. They are great folks...tell 'em Mike Flanagan from Canton said hi!