Spooling Line

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by NitroFishing5, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. I know most people spool their line by putting the line in water before you spool it onto your reel. Does anyone have anyother tips or techniques to spool line?
  2. Now I am really feeling dumb. Have never put the line in water before I spooled it......35 yrs fishin.

    Now I know why I catch so few fish!

    Why do you put it in water?

    After spooling, first time out, I put a swivel on the end and a heavy sinker. Cast it far as you can, pinch the line between your fingers tight as you can (wet your fingers), and reel in medium speed. Do that 2-3 times........helps take the twist out. If your line starts giving ya trouble......do it again.

  3. They say that it relaxes the line, allowing it to go on, and come off, smoother.
  4. I am suprised you have never heard of that before. I think it works best with the braided line cause being wet puts it on really tight. Basically its like when you cast out, reel a bait in and see how tight the line is, well it does this for the whole spool. I think you get more line on your spool also because its so tight. This works for mono and braid but theres really no point with flourocarbon because it does not absorb water. Hope that helps explain it BOBINSTOW 90
  5. Should i use calgon cause it seems to relax the wife and i want my line as relaxed as possible