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    Just wanted to see if I doing this right. I went out on Thrusday with the fly rod and was quite pitiful, lol

    How far up from the fly would you put your split shots when fishing sucker spawn? Say your fishing in moving water, 2-3 feet. It is my understanding to use 2-3 small split shots 6-8 inches away from each other approx. 12 inches from the fly. Sound about right?
  2. The first split shot up should be about 6-8 inches from your hook. In that shallow of water I would you 2 maybe three really small split shots. The one closest to your float (if you're using one) should be 5-6 inches down from it. Space the rest out as needed. Hope that helps. :G

  3. Your get different opinions on this as I will start with being different from Lucky. I never place my shot closer than 15 inches away from my fly. My idea is that the shot will be ticking bottom and the fly can swing and bounce around in the flow. I also only would use shot when running an indicator/float/ bobber. I will use my space my shot shirt button style with heaviest neaer the float and space them out on the way to the fly. Always try and use the least amount possible. I rarely run anything over a BB, Now I may use multiple BB but normally only one size up from that and that one is at the float. Its a trial and error game to get the right amount but when you get it right, you'll know as you'll be fighting a fish. Good luck out there

  4. trial and error is the name of the game, I use only BB, never closer than 12 in from my flies to alot for swing, I also keep them clustered unless I am fishing deep slack water. I utilize my wieght when using a float as well as tight lining fast small water. But use trial and error, you should touch the bottom occasionally but not get hung up every cast. But with size BB you add remove to get the desired drift with relative ease.