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  1. What is a good spinning reel for around $ 75.00 give or take a few bucks ?
  2. I have a good many shimanos in that range and just under that price range and all perform wonderfully. Dont forget about checking in Cabelas bargain cave also.

  3. i second Jeff shimano is the way to go. All i use work great all year round.
  4. Another vote for the Shimanos. The Symetry is in that price range and is a good reel. You can pick up a pre-owned Stradic for $75-often lightly used. IMO Shimano reels have better quality bearings and will stay smoother and last longer than other comparably priced reels.

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    From my own perspective, I fish hard and my reels take a beating on Erie. I buy the sedona's from dicks and probably pay $25-30 a piece (w/ coupons). These reels always last me a few years, they stay smooth and have good drags. You can pay twice as much, but depending on what you are looking to get out of it, you can get two reels for the price of one. I've bought higher end shimano's in the past and bought the cheaper 40 - $50 reg price reels, I trully did not see much difference in the operation or longevity. To each his own! But IMO, like many others here, shimano is the way to go.

    Fish on!
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    I know they are more than what you want to spend but I have been using the Stradics on my Charter Boat !! Great reels ! I have been buying them off E-bay. The new ones I bought I paid right around $100 incl shipping. The used ones around $75-80 ! Even the used ones have been fine. I think right now I have 7 of them Good luck !
  7. Another vote for Shimano.
    I fish the Maumee River about 6-7 months out of the year.
    They can take a beating and still perform very reliably.
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    all one-sided answers. I vote for Okuma.
  9. OKUMA for me also !!! Hard to beat all around!!!
  10. For the money I cant say you can get a better reel than a Fleuger president. They run about 50-60 bucks and thay are smooth as silk with a great drag. I will more than likely change out every setup I have to these reels.
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    For that price I like the Shimano Sahara reels. Stradics are great too but a bit pricier.
  12. A second on the "Fleuger", yea, ya can beat an ol Pflueger. If you buy 1 you'll end up buyin 3 or 4 more. I had Shimano and Garcias for years, but IMO for $60 the 6730 can't be beat.
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    Shimano symetres are great and around that price range.
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    I also agree with bulldog I got a pfluger president for my bday and absolutely love it. I have a couple shimanos and prefer my pfluger any day!! Plus it looks really good!
  15. Just got a pfluger president and also love it. You guys are right about it bing smooth as silk. The drag has been working nice for those steelhead. FFBG
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    No Daiwa fans here? I think the Exceler is hard to beat in that price range.
  17. Okay, I would agree on the pflueger President as well. A great smooth reel for 60 bucks...I also have several Shimano Sahara's. The new ones are 70 bucks but If you can find the 08 models they are around 50 bucks and a great reel. I also checked out the Diawa Exceler the other day at the store and it seemed really nice for 70 bucks...I don't think you can go wrong with any of these reels!
  18. There are a lot of choices in that price range. IMHO the Shimano Symetre or Sahara offer the best bang for the buck. They are also quite a bit lighter in weight than most other spinning reels without sacrificing durability. I feel this really improves sensitivity when matched with the correct rod for a specific technique etc.
  19. I vote for the pflueger President....smooth as silk, nice drag, have held up to abuse. I just got one for low $40's at Dicks with % off sale and the $10 off $25 coupon on OGF. I like the 6740 size for Canada when spooling 12# and then have plenty of line to strip off with 8# on Erie when the twisting gets out of hand.
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    I have Shimano Symetre,Stradic,Pflueger President and a Gander Mtn Guide I like them all equally well. I haven't had a bit of trouble with any of them. I have an old Zebco Cardinal 4 I bought in 1977 for $35 and it works as good as the day I bought it. The only reels I would NEVER buy again are Quantum, never had anything but trouble with them.