Spinning Reel Re-lube Question..

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  1. I tore down my buddies Shimano Seinna spinning reel to relube..and I was wondering how much grease am I suppose to put on the gears?? Should I put a generous amount on or just a light coat?
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  3. Use a small craft paintbrush and paint it lightly into the root of each gear.
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    As stated, use sparingly and use a small brush. Leeabu, thanks for the reel lube tips. The Hot Sauce oil and grease are awsome!:) My Abu's perform BETTER than when they were new. Next spring I may consider upgrading the bearings to ceramics.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I put a light coat on yesterday so I guess I'm done with it. It's nice and smooth again!

    One thing I did happen to discover......the smaller gear on the drive gear and the idle gear is 'square'?! Is that normal on the smaller reels? I had to adjust it a couple of times to get the gear teeth to mesh smoothly. If I set it off a bit the gears would just turn 1/4 to the left and right and that was it. Wasn't the wheel invented to be round for a reason!
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    A light coat of Quantum red grease. it works awesome. Along with the Quantum Hot sauce lube for baitcasters and such.