Spinning Gear - what line do you use?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Johnny Bravo, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. When throwing a float using a spinning gear, what type of line do you guys typically use for the main line? I'm assuming the more bouyant the better.

  2. stcroixjoe

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    i use flurocarbon p-line

  3. Is there a reason you use these over mono or fireline when fishing for steelhead? Is bouyancy an issue? Do those lines float?
  4. Mono has some stretch that braid doesn't have which aids in hooksets/first runs. Firewire doesn't have great abrasion resistance, and it's rocky where most steelhead hang out. You can normally feel where mono is getting weak, where braid may look strong, but pop under little pressure when nicked. It also doesn't float as consistent as mono. Finally, you can normally cast mono a bit better with a spinning rig.
  5. Try Siglon F, I think you will like it.
  6. I think I'll try both the Siglon and mono.......thanks for the help guys.

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    i try to use differant line every season to see whats out there, but im always going to stick with 6lb fireline... I like it because it dont stretch, is floats good on the water and i have neverlost a float with it. I try to use as little lb main line i can get away with, but fire line is my fav.
  8. Fireline is my old standby for spinning gear for all other species......I'll definitely try it for steelhead as well.
  9. I don't use my noddle rod near as much as a fly rod for steelies but i've had 8? pound fireline on my spinning rod for going on 4 years now and i've had it break one time and that was when i got my foreceps tangled up with the main line while trying to unhook a fish without touchng in in a tunnel. I only use 50 yards at a time and have mono filling the rest of the spool. I have no plans to change.

    The main reason i like it is i hardly ever get the loops under my line on the spool as i do all the time with mono. I do use a lighter 3 foot length of flouro leader joined with the smallest swivel or ring i can find.

    If i could ever find a really small spool of siglon i would try one of the bright colors. I have the flame green fireline and in my opinion the hi-vis claims are a joke but on some walleye boards members claim they can see it well.