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  1. spinners and buzz baits work great with a closed eye(where you attach your line),but why are there so many with an open bend in the wire?
    my swivel always moves up or down the lure body. why cant they all just have the eye closed?

    more than most i see in the stores have a open eye,but the closed works beter if you ask me.
  2. DaleM

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    I'd suggest you learn to tie directly to the spinner bait. Another way is to take a pair of needle nose pliers and squeeze the points together. Be sure and keep the spinner straight with the blades. Play around with this and you'll master it.

  3. rockbass

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    Yeah, you really want to tie to the bait not use the swivels! That is my dads problem! He and I are going to be doing a knot tying seminar in the winter. I am not the best to instruct on this, but I know better knots than he does! :D
  4. Fish4Fun

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    good recommendations, tying is the best however if you choose to use swivels you should use the connectors without swivels or cut the swivel pcs off. Then over the winter take all your spinners and using fishing line or heavier thread make a stoper on the open spot by tying the line around the spinner wire were the opening is. This will keep your connector from traveling down the wire. Never thought of this until i saw it in either bassmaster or infisherman this month.
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    Slip a split ring over the "R" bend before attaching your snap. This was taught to me recently by an old muskie fisherman for attaching a wire leader to a spinnerbait with an "R" bend.
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    F4f, it was bassmaster. Thread might work best
  7. Fish4Fun

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    thanks john i couldn't remember old age creeping up on me. lol
  8. JBJ


    The reported reason for the open bend on hairpin spinnerbaits is that the more bending of the wire, the more strength loss. You know how you can take something metal and bend it back and forth and it will eventually break off? Same thing of sorts.

    Can't say that I agree with the use of snaps/quick clips on spinnerbaits. You lose contact with the lure using these. I tie on direct with a palomar knot.
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    I tie mine directly on too.
    I try to tie on ALL of my lures except for inline spinners like Panther Martins.
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    I tie mine on directly with a palomar too. I've found that a snap is just one more thing to have snag up when fishing spinners in heavy cover, and I definitely loose a "feel" for the bait.
  11. I almost always tie mine on directly with a palomar knot but when I do use a snap I really like the Norman Quick Clips. They are smaller than a swivle snap and I've never had lose of feel or trouble hanging up lures with them. Only problem with them is pinching them open to connect a lure. They are a little tough to keep open, they often slip around in your fingers. Hey JBJ do you carry these at your store?
  12. JBJ


    No sir, we don't. That may change though.

    I picked mine up at BPS/OW in Cinci a couple of years ago. The only time I use them is when I'm fun fishing for smallies and using cranks. No need for sensitivity in that situation.
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    I got some Norman Quick Clips back when they 1st came out. They looked like a real great way to make fast lure changes. Somehow, I was losing lures with them. Mostly when a fish hit them. I think if you don't keep a real close eye on them, sometimes the lure wire gets to one side & they slip off. Darned if I know how they open, but I lost several lures with them, both shad raps and hot-n-tots trolling CC for saugeyes. They seemed perfect because it's time consuming to tie to the spit ring on a shad rap and being carefull not to get your line in the open part where it will weaken or wear your line until it breaks.
    It's always best to tie directly, especially with in-line spinners, it tells you so on the package of Rooster tail spinnners. ;)
    The double trilene knot is about the easiest and fail proof for most applications. Just loop thru the eye twice, then make 5 wraps around your line, then pass the tag end back thru both the loop and the loop you created at the start of the wraps.