spininig or baitcast

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  1. whats the difference between a spinning and a baitcast reel and which one is better
  2. I think spinner is better. I had a baitcaster as a kid and tried for 4 month to get the hang of that dang thing, but never could I spell more money on line that year to respool it than I ever have. Personnally I don't see why anybody would pick a baitcaster of a spinner, but they do.

  3. spinning reels for me,i have a abu garcia 5000c baitcaster on a six foot uglystik that my dad and brother got me years ago gave up tryin to figure the damn thing out.......plus i do alot of wading big walnut so i go ultra lite 4 lb test........wish i could figure out that baitcaster :confused:
  4. PM me sometime. I also wade Big Walnut alot.
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    It all depend on your preferences and how it feels in your hand. Baitcasting reels takes a little more to learn to use. I am still trying to learn how to use it and it takes practice and practice. I can cast heavier jigs or rigs easily with a baitcasting reel, as easy as I would a spincasting reel, but when it comes to short casting or casting a light lure I still have some trouble but not too bad. If you are a beginner with a baitcasting reel I would recommend getting one that has a magnetic backlash controller and set it on max and just keep casting until you have and know the feel. Oh yeah, buy cheap line too because you may be doing a lot of cutting.
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    have both - the baitcaster sits and collects dust, gets used maybe twice a year- have fished with spinning reels for over 30 years, and they are a personal favorite- still have a couple of 300 mitchells ( the old made in france models) , a 900 mitchell skirted spool ( awesome reel, but mitchell only made these for a short time) - if buying a new outfit, look at the features, what i like about the early mitchells is the ability to change line spools quickly- you can virtually have 2 diffewrent set ups out of the same rod ( use heavier line for cattin' , and another spool of 6 or 8 lb for saugeyes, etc. ) Mitchell has come out with a new version of the 300 , looks decent, but I recently purchased a mitchell Avocet ( they make the avocet in both the silver and gold series , both are ball bearing reels, and smooth as butter !!! the gold has more bearings than the silver , but both feel the same, they are also available with either front or rear drag , and in different line capacities- THEY ALSO FEATURE A SPARE SPOOL !!!!!- saw one at wal mart with a 7 ft graphite rod( med action ) for around 30 bucks for the combo- a definate best buy, if you're on a budget, or just a darn good all purpose rod !!!
  7. Both have their place. You should take the time to learn to use the baitcaster. I have both but I now definetaly prefer the baitcaster although I still use both. For anything lighter than 1/4 oz the spinning real is best. I would never want to try throwing a 1/2 oz buzzbait without a high speed baitcaster with 17 lb test line.
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    I started using baitcasters little over 2yrs ago and now thats all i use. It takes time to learn and iam still learing but i love them compared to spinning reals. I still have spinnning reels i use in the river and for very light tackle stuff but its all in the person and what there comfortable with. The key with a baitcaster is buy a good one to begin with and practice practice practice.