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  1. Anyone been down below Alum or Indian? Was hoping to try out my new reel this afternoon. Hoping to go to Indian spillway. Any open water on Indian? or anywhere else for that matter? How bout Deer Creek?

  2. Got blanked at Deer Creek Spillway. Most of it was frozen. Open water maybe 50-75 yards from the dam. Snagged a nice one, that got off before I landed him. Snagged a big shad too. Did not see many caught. Mostly snagged shad. My buddy saw some caught tho. Tried evertying. 1/8, 1/4 oz jigs. Chart, green, pink, pink/chart. Rouge... nothin...

    Maybe I shoulda' gone to Inidan...LOL

    Oh, and it was FREEZING!!!

  3. Deer Creek dead today 2 little dinks 7am-10am (half frozen)!
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    went to indian last night.. moundwood was frozen as was most of the lake that we could see