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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by River Walker, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Has anybody been doing any good on the eyes' below P.Hill or C.Mill yet?
  2. - I can tell you not to waste your time below Alum right now. - Water temp above the dam is to warm, and the fish have not started schooling up around the dam yet. Tried below the last few days and nothing.

  3. Griggs and Oshay should be perfect right now!
  4. TightLine

    TightLine Member

    Drove by Oshay today it looked really low
  5. I fished both P.Hill and C.Mill spillways today.I hit C.Mill first,caught 2 dink saugeye's and 1 sheepshead.Went to P.Hill next,and caught 1 bluegill,and 1 small rainbow trout.The trout actually was foul-hooked in the tail.Next,I tried a couple of the ponds at Malabar St.Park throwing spinnerbaits-struck out there too,although we seen several large bass sunning themselves but totally unresponsive.Tried 1 more private pond on the way home,and in being consistent for the day,caught nothing there either.It was a beautiful day to be out though,and enjoyed the drive in Mohican Country with all the colors.