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  1. snake69

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    Anyone been near any of the spillways lately? I've still got about 10 days off and need to get out. The Ohio River is blown out and the ice doesn't look so good and that really only leaves the spillways. If anyone gets a look, please post your thoughts.........................
  2. Pikedaddy

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    Man, I was out at Milton last week sometime and I wouldnt bother . There are so many shad in there right now you will snag one on about every cast. I hope that this is helpful

  3. triton175

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    After the shad chased me away from Milton, I went to Westbranch, the conditions looked perfect but all I caught were a couple of small largemouths. I couldn't find any 'eyes.Brian
  4. Lewzer

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    I went wading Friday at Berlin. Its flow was about 565cfs. The water was running pretty good so I didn't want to cross and you can't walk down too far. No hits there so I went to Milton to look.The CE website said 700cfs so I didn't fish but walked down to the spillway. The east side was open and there was a lot of floating shad in the near chute. Met a guy there who fished for an hour with nothing so we went to the West Branch spillway which was 165cfs.
    Nothing happening there either. I did see a perch about 5-6" come down from the spillway into the tailwater.
    The flows are good. I'd try again today but have family stuff to do.