Spillway Saugeyes this late afternoon!

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  1. Well was working north today and got done decent time with light snow coming down. Decided to hit a spillway for awhile glad i did fished my hole downstream a ways from spillway usually know fast if they are sitting in this spot,used double jigs 1/16th ounce jigs with a white twister and a chartruese tail 3" ones slow bumped along bottom in hole. About 10th cast just weight on line set hook into a nice fat 18" one. So started working the hole harder and ended up with 5 and should have had limit missing 3 other bites. Left before it was getting dark and thought about the conditions driving home and it seems one thing i find saugeyes and spillways seem to bite when it is snowy and lousy out. Used to be that way all the time at Delaware soon as the snow was flying hard and getting deep head there and get a limit!! I have fished that hole 5 times last month or so with limited sucess but persistence pays off. Here is a phone camera pic not the best but they still look tasty!!:) [​IMG]
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    what spillway were u at today

  3. Well i was by mansfield and it was one of 2 places pleasant hill or charles mill. Clue is i did not have a sled with me to get to the spillway quicker!!:p Local buddy said to be quiet but he did not say i could not give clues.;)
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    Sweet stringer Troy! How far do you usually tie the jigs from each other?
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  6. you are DA SAUGEYE MAN slim,nice fish.
  7. I usually tie them about 15" apart some like them farther apart I like them closer when I am bumping bottom keeps the top jig in strke zone close to bottom
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    Slim does it again!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Outstanding job Troy.
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    good fishing.. i have also hit that hole many times. saw a kid last year pull a 9 lb. out of there.. it was huge. thinking about hitting alumn through the ice??? any one interested ??
  10. I was told to fish that spot and did not believe it would produce. I guess I was wrong. Always fished upstream with limited success.

    Nice fish.

    Fishslim- How do set-up your double rig?

    Thank You
  11. I have seen some guys tie directly to the line and other guys use a 6 to 12 inch drop line on the front jig. Has to change the presentation dramatically ecspecially if useing different size jigs. Have never been much of a jig fisherman but that could change nice going slim think they should let you change your name to fishagain, fishfats or something lol. Soon as i shake this cold i will have to find some open water and give that a shot
  12. Yeah Sady Dog ive been hittin alum up the past few days mostly just goin on docks cause the ice hasnt been thick enough yet. I was plannin on going out today to check the ice it should be good enough. Wacha goin for?
  13. Nice haul troy! Would've liked to hit a spillway too but ying refused to come plow my drive for me. Had to do it all myself. :p
  14. terry it is great having good friends oe better yet neighbors way to go mike. I tie my jigs direct most of the time just like feel of them better that way.
  15. I feel bad now, troy. Truth is, mike offered to help me plow but his 4-wheeler wouldn't start. He spent yesterday evening in his barn fixing it. I'll bet news of your success put a cherry on top of his day ;).
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    Nice fish Troy, I like the sled idea but then ya gotta drag the sled back up along with those fish. That trip back up is a rough one.
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    That's what's up Slim. Somebody give this man some frequent Saugeye miles or something...(By the way I heard that if you line up all the Saugeye Fishslim has caught, it'd be so long that no one but Chuck Norris could rival it in terms of sheer awesomeness.)
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    LOLOLOL at Chuck Norris reference. :D
  19. My boys hero is Chuck Norris so thanks for the great line showed it to him and he got a kick out of that one.:) Mushroomman i tackled well tried tackling that hill once on a inner tube did not have to worry about carrying it back up the hill. Blew out on first hump :( thought i was history!!:p Terry i feel bad to i am sorry Mike i knew you would help a neighbor out!! Sorry to hear about the truck. If it helps i thought of you guys every time i reeled one in!!;)