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    I'm in need of some help... I started fishing spillways for eyes last year and have only pulled out 2 fish. Can anyone help me or show me different or tell me different ways to present bait or lures for those eyes. I will even trade a steelhead trip... One of the spillways got one of my rods last night
  2. Doesnt seem to be much diff than In-land eye fishing. Just ALOT more snags. Drift jigs that match the current to keep it low,fish edies or reverse currents breaks and throw cranks. Location on them is everything. Alot of eyes spawn in the spring in them but after that I dont think they move back up till first ice. Shad ball up on the towers then.

  3. Eyes are creatures of edges, remember that. Fish with what jig said and dont be afraid of other things too like a minnow on a hook under a bobber. Eyes are like steelies in a way, they rush into the current and snatch and run. The majority of the fish i catch are in the seam. They like to ambush an easy target. Use steelhead techniques and the same principle. One thing though when the water comes up and starts flowing throw bigger baits. BIGGER baits catch BIGGER fish. Dave