spillway feeeshin

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dcross765, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Went to the local spillway (the one thats closest) and the water was up a bit from the rains. The fishing has been absolute CRAP for the last month. I thought the eyes would put the feed bag on in the fall. Caught a fair amount of them all summer long and when you think its gonna get better the bottom falls out. Its only 30 mi. to the spillway its 60 to erie. if i'm gonna get skunked at least i saved some money and time.Jig said something bout them checking the dam at berlin, if i lived on that lake i would be screaming at odnr. That place looks almost like milton did a few years back. Anybody getting any thing outta milton spillway. Selective fishin as i do not own a boat. Dave
  2. I was on Milton a couple nights ago and the waters down 2 feet. If they are dumping Berlin then the outflow below Milton has got to be WAY up!!!! Tough fishing down there if all 4 tunnels are open. The Island wont be fishable but you can throw around it for Muskie soon. Everything up-land was suspended off the channel but the rain change things. Worth shore fishing WB now. The fish Im holding came from shore fishing this time of year.;)