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Spillway eyes

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by allspecies, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. just wondering if any of the spillways down there have been producing and what the flows have been like??
  2. I have seen posts about the spillways down here, with more success at Griggs then O'Shay or Alum. I was at Alum last week belwo the dam and the water was low, slow, and clear. Did manage to see a few nice LM bass, one SM bass, and one decent sized saugeye. But other than that, just shad and suckers. But the bite is still not on there.

    I've heard of some fish being taken at Griggs on thundersticks, husky jerks and the like, but not so much from O'Shay. Myself and RiverWlaker are supposed to head to Alum for some night fishing on the riprap above the dam this weekend. Will post any results.


  3. Charles Mill Dam is hot one day,and cold the next.So far this fall,I've done well there twice,and struck out four times.I've only fished Pleasant Hill Dam once so far,and did real well,with a couple real nice fish on that trip.I've had real good luck on a small spillway that spans the Kokosing River twice this fall,and the best thing about that one,nobody realizes there's saugeye there,because I've yet to see one other fisherman there.I haven't heard anything about Beach City yet,as WP stated not much is happening below Alum.I don't fish Grigg's or O'Shay much,so I can't report on them.I've heard of a few from below Deer Creek also.Six-Mile Dam in Coshocton County is hot right now,I know a few guys that have been fishing it regularly for the last month or so,and they have been doing real good early in the morning,and at dusk,with a few pike and smallies mixed in.I haven't heard much from Mohawk Dam,or Will's Creek Dam yet,but both can be great at times.
  4. Been hittin' O'Shay in the morning and evening before and after work off and on over the past couple weeks and haven't caught anything worth talking about. Pickep up a few at Griggs along with a couple crappie on chart. twistertails. Like to throw jerkbaits and crankbaits but the suageye haven't been cooperating. Was thinking about heading to Hoover to fish some riprap in the next couple days.
  5. Idrove by there today 3 people were fishing below the dam there dropping the lake now so fishing should start up . the best times are usually in the morning and evening for saugeye,and catfish. Try chartruse hot pink twister tails, or small 1/4 ounce rattle traps. During the day try minnows or night crawlers on the bottom. Tip you dont need to cast to the other side of the river when the waters up . I usually catch em right in front of the rocks out of the current.