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Spill way trip

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Wormdunker69, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. Drove down to spillway below Charles Mills today with the wife and boy and struck out! Nothing! Talked to another fellow ther and he said that the "OLD PROS" say that you have to wait til late January or early February to get them. Ay truth in this from the experts that fish there all the time.
  2. January and February are probably the two best months there,but any given day from now until then can be productive.Spillway fishing for saugeye's is always a hit or miss deal.One day you'll do great,and then the next couple of trips you may get nothing,even in the best months.I've had a couple good days there this year so far,and a whole lot of bad ones.One thing I'm wondering about though,if this old-timer you met said that us guys that are supposedly "pros" that fish there all the time said it isn't good until Jan.,or Feb.,why was he there?

  3. I had a rough week steelheading, so I changed things up and went on a spillway trip myself...I ended up with 2 eyes and a brown trout. they were holding very tight to the bottom. eyes on jig, trout on crawler. it's beautiful country down that way and everytime I go it's a good trip, fish or not.
  4. Sounds like P.Hill,I've heard of a few guys doing fairly well on the trout,although the saugeye fishing there has been a bit spotty.I fished there earlier in the week with Warpath,and he lost three or four saugeye's,I never caught one either.One other guy got one about 15",and some other guy that was wading caught a small rainbow.I agree with you,it's spectacular country,and it's just good to be out whether you get any fish or not.