spider rigs for crappie

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  1. Since me and my son can only put 4 poles out how would you set them up= jig size= weight size and so on Thanks for any help.
  2. Use 3 lb bell sinkers with 1oz lead jigs.:p

    I'm actually looking to get set up for some long line trolling with cranks and maybe a roadrunner or 2. Think I'm just going to use some rod holders off the back since we are limited to 2 rods each.

  3. misfit

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    jig and weight sizes can vary.i use jigs from 1/32 oz. to 1/8 above a bell sinker of 1/4 oz up,depending on depth/speed to keep line as close to vertical as possible.rubber core sinkers can also be used above jig in lieu of bell sinkers.sometimes a larger jig can be used on bottom,with a smaller one abocve on a dropper loop.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. JimmyZ that sounds like it will work good on sharks lol
  5. I fish mine very similar to how Misfit rigs his...Weight always depends on the drift speed ...I don't know where JimmyZ is fishing ...A 3 lb' weight would make an anchor for most boats on our inland lakes...GOOD FISHING GUY.....Jim.....:p
  6. It's just that tim out fishes me so bad, I need all the advantage I can get on him. To bad he didn't buy it!:p
  7. JimmyZ I knew you were just kidding....Enjoy your upcomming Crappie season.......JIM......;)