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Spider Riggs

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CRAPPIE LOVER, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. :confused: Fished West Branch yesterday caught my share of Crappies , as I said before I only keep them 10 inches and over. To the best of my knowledge fishing for crappies with a boat rigged with what I think is a spider rigg , it had four rods on the front spread out and one person on board, well he used his trolling motor and moved all over the lake, several spots he circled two and three times cause he was catching fish, Did I see what I thought I saw. Anyhow the day went well I took 14 nice crappies home. I had a jig under a bobber and the other rod I used a drop shot with a plain hook,threw a lot of small ones back. Someone let me know if this was a spider rigg
  2. If he was using 4 rods hes lucky game warden didn't see him. Spider rigging is done by mounting an electric motor on the side of your boat. At least that was the way I was taught. Its other name is called side pulling. I have a post on the technique under the panfish forum.

    For me I am still learning it . It seems the fastest way to find and catch crappies that I have ever used. Not a great technique for huge numbers but it often produces when other styles produce nothing or just little ones.

    I tried spider rigging from front and rear of my small boat. I gave up and finally mounted it on the side. Seems a lot more effective to me.

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    yes that is what's known as spider rigging,but most people run bigger spreads than least where it's legal.some run rods off the front,sides and rear at the same time,but it takes more than one person to fish the's a southern thing,as many souther states have liberal rod limits.

    papa,not to dispute you,but side pulling is really more of a technique for controled drifting which can be done with any number of rods.whereas spider rigging is,as mentioned,a system for fanning of multiple rods to cover lots of water.usually trolling is the is the method of presentation.
  4. papaperch , Crappie Lover here, It is illegal to spider rigg here in Ohio isn't it.
  5. I would think as long as you had enough people in the boat that there were no more than two rods per person it would be legal
  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    what webman said.
    there are no laws pertaining to spider rigging.just laws limiting the number of rods(2) for each person.
    spider rigging is only a term invented by southern fishermen only to describe a style of trolling with multiple rods.
  7. Misfit ; The southern guy that taught me the system uses an 18' boat. Three seats each seat has a four pole holder in front. He liked the wide swath cut by trolling using his motor mounted on the side. He had custom built a platform out of aluminum angle and plywood. As I stated I tried using the front and rear of boat. Too many tangles and no where near the boat control. So I imitated the teacher and built my own platform.

    For me this has proven more effective so far the autopilot minnkota has really added to the effectiveness. I am still learning though and now when the wife goes with me I have to take the pontoon which would be a bear to set up like my little skiff. Will post pics of skiff a little later.
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    i know what you mean papa.i just meant that it is an adaptation.same principal,just a different approach.but i believe it came about when someone,somewhere invented the term "side pulling" after the fact to describe spider rigging sideways;) (to cut yet a wider swath) instead of the standard forward trolling that most people use.
    the one certain thing is that both methods work;)
  9. Here are the pics on how I got my little Wrangler 13-1/2 ft skiff set-up.
    My rods vary in length from12' down to 7 '. Got two finders on board 1 humminbird 737 and an Eagle fish elite 500c. Each finder has certain advantages so thats why Im packing them both.

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  10. misfit

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    nice little setup,papa.i like that trolling motor mount:cool;