Spencer 7-19

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    Decided to hit Spencer Lake last night with my buddy Mark. We put the boat in around 6:30 and proceed to flip live worm rigs along the shoreline from around 30 feet out. We caught a lot of LM bass all in the 10”-13” range and promptly released them all (15” limit) plus a few crappies and gills. The bass weren’t very big but put up a good fight on ultra light tackle. Mark did tie into a really :B on the worm harness and when he got it to the boat we saw that it was a nice size cat. He didn’t want to reach for the net and thought that he could boat it by hand but as I was advising the use of the net the line broke off. We stayed till around 11:30pm and fished for cats with worm, minnows, packaged blood bait and hotdogs with no bites. Even though we didn’t hook into any cats that night the quantity of bass we caught on light tackle made for a good time.

    Trying to make a small fish look big