Speed ?

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  1. I'm going camping at West Branch this week. We're going to do some trolling & would like to know what speed is working on the muskies. Also, do you have any tips for trolling in dirty water, It's got to be muddied up. Haven't trolled for muskies in years but after reading the reports on here I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for any replies. If we do any good I'll post the pics.
  2. I'd vary your speed- 3.5-5.5...4-4.5 is probably the most common... trolling in dirty water? I'd probably use darker colors making sure I had the rattle type at least for 1 or 2 rods.
    good luck.

  3. MuskieMan35 is right on the $$ with his advice. I vary my speeds, but in the last two weeks, 3.0 MPH, has produced for me. You will be surprised how nice the water is. I have not been there since Friday, but you will be able to find clear to semi clear water. Pearl and green have been good colors for me. I have fished WB the last three weeks, points, humps, and suspended fish in open water have filled the bill. In my opinion, if you have a quality bait running true, you can catch a Musky anywhere at anytime in WB.
  4. Luredaddy- Which boat do you have, Blue Lund? Im yet to Identify you...I was fishing friday and i know i had to of seen you...
  5. Ditto what MM35 and LD said. I've got most of mine around 4 mph on shad patterns and I like Fire Tiger also.