speed lanes at saltfork

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  1. How many are there? or is it one the length of the lake? has any one been dooing good on cats (falts or channel) down there thanks
  2. Speed lanes? I've never heard that before..........From the Dam (Morning glory ramps) all the way across the lake to the old marina is all speed zone......

    then at the cabins - it's all no wake all the way through to the other side.......then it's about 1/2 mile (??) of speed zone, up to the camper ramps - then no wake the rest of the way.

    Where are you planning on putting in at???

    If you go to here: http://www.saltforkoutdoors.com/sflakemap.pdf you can print out this map.

  3. Bad thing about Salt Fork is that from the State Route-22 marina (old marina)to the Dam or Sugar Creek Marina (new marina) there is about 1 hour of no wake zones to go through. There's got to be area's of no wake I understand but man it makes it a long trip to travel when trying to get to different areas to fish. If I go out after work to fish I pick which end of the lake I want to try fishing in and stay in that area so I don't blow time going through the no wake zones. You can lose 2 hours of fishing on a round trip putting through slow zone. That's just my frustration talking but I'm not far off.
  4. I will be launching out of the campgrounds. Im trying to stay out of those zones beacause I have a 12 foot boat and don't want to get beat up. any info on cats?
  5. Sr Jigger - I completely agree with you......it's a major pain in the rear to try and go through those no wake areas. That's why I normally put in at Morning Glory or North Salem ramp and head back into the stone house cove and stay back in there all day.

    When the water was way down - we HAD to put in over at the New marina........what a pain that was. Like you said, it took a solid hour to get back to the "main" part of the lake!!!!!!

    Deerehunter03 - did you print out that map??? If you want, I could take that map, draw in the areas where the speed zones are for you and email it to you..........if you want me to do this, then PM me with your email addy.