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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by misfit, May 8, 2008.

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    after reading the stop sign thread this morning,i had to leave for a court appearance of my own:rolleyes:
    recently my son took me shopping,and was nailed with a $50 parking ticket for stopping in front of walmart(newark) to help me load my things into his truck.as he got out and walked around te truck,a woman walked up and handed him a ticket for blocking the fire lane.it took him less than 30 seconds to stop,get out and walk around the tuck and she had the ticket written before we even got a bag put in the truck:mad:
    he does this for me because of my medical conditions,which this woman wasn't concerned with.needless to say,i took it to court.when she testified this morning,she fabricated the whole story,saying the truck had been parked there for at least 5 minutes with nobody around,while she circled the parking lot twice and walked 4 minutes to me.funny how her truck was in the picture with my son's if she walked 4 minutes,LOL.she had pictures of me and the truck,the truck and her truck alone and her,me and the truck.my son magically didn't appear in any of the pics:confused:
    anyway,after she told her lies,i was more than a little fired up and i asked the judge permission to address her.i then called her a liar to her face,questioned her again about her story which she stuck to,then went off,calling her a liar again.i then explained the facts as they really were,again telling the judge,she was flat out lying.he must have believed me,cause he dismised the charges while giving the parking nazi(what people in newark call her) some funny looks.
    i guess there is justice aftyerall:)
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    Judges pity old people, thats why old people get away with shoplifting ;) Usually when you take anything small to court they tend to throw it out. People who were in the wrong rarely put fourth the effort to take it to court.

    ****Disclaimer: If I can be razzed about being a "youngin" then I think I'm entitled to return the favor:)

  3. I am glad to see that it turned out well for you. I always hear people say it does no good to take those kind of things to court because it is a "He said/She said" scenario and nothing changes. It is nice to hear one that did get corrected.
  4. misfit

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    yes you are.any time.i might be a drifty old guy,but i do (contrary to what some think)have a sense of humor:D

    as for shoplifting,i think i'll let some other geezer test that theory;)

    brian,i think when the judge saw how i reacted when she blatantly lied,he kinda thought i might be right about her.oh,she also told him i said "BOOM" to her when she freaked after seeing my o2 tank and a smoke in my hand,LOL.i guess she thought there was a law against that too:rolleyes:
  5. Glad to hear it worked out for you misfit.
  6. Thanks for the update Rick. I remember you telling me that story last time we were at Hoover. Score one for the good guy!
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    As one great man once said..."There are liar's and there are damn liar's"...! Sounds like she easily fits the latter...! :D Good for you, Rick. ;)
  8. misfit

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    i could not believe my ears when she started telling that story.you're right rodney.i do believe the judge saw through it.he knew i was hot too,when i yelled at her and him both.
    when she said she drove by and saw the truck parked there with nobody in sight,i about fell over,LOL.then she was driven around the lot by her partner,parked and walked at least 4 minutes to where i was,LMAO.
    the judge might have wondered why she would would walk all that way when her driver could have parked right there.in fact the picture showed that truck parked right beside my son's,LOL.if she had walked 4 minutes,she'd have never got me cause we would have already been gone for 3:D
    i'll be looking over my shoulder around here now,cause she'll surely be looking for payback,LOL.
  9. Might not be a bad idea to have a sticky thread for fishing-related speed traps. I've heard of some around Vermilion, but personally (and expensively) know that they will ticket in the 10mph area between the entrance of Edgewater park (Cleveland) and the boat ramps. 19mph in a 10mph zone costs over $100.00. You would think that going under 20 in an area without pedestrian areas/crossing would be safe. Most of the 10mph road is against the fence for the yacht club.
  10. Besides the fact she embellished her story, was there a violation committed (i.e. parking in a firelane)? Just curious.;)

  11. Rick, way to go!!! I was a PO in Columbus for 23 years, I have done a few things I can't brag agout but purgery is not one of them. I may get into trouble for telling too much of the truth but I do not lie. If your story is correct I wish you had more evidence and could charge her and put her in jail. PM me with her name, I have too much free time.
  12. misfit

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    tim,i told the judge i was not guilty of parking in a fire lane,and apparently he felt the same after he heard the REAL story and dismissed the charge.so you take it from there.
    i was standing right at the corner of the entrance,at the end of the fire lane which is where my son stopped to pick me up.
    this woman commited purgery by saying the truck was parked there for at least 5 minutes with nobody in sight.the truck wasn't stopped for 30 seconds with my son in it,when she walked up with the ticket written out(computer thing).
  13. misfit

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    ron,my son was a witness,as he's the one who actually got the ticket.i took resposibility for it because he was only helping me out by picking me up.i've thought about going back and pursuing the purgery thing.especially after hearing some bad stories about her from others.
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    whats the judges screen name?
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    it's like that everywhere.it's one thing to park and sit,or leave the vehicle unattended in a fire lane,but when you can't even stop to drop or pick someone up next to the door without someone just waiting to harrass you,it's sad indeed.
    i see only two scenarios that could have resulted in her actions.
    either she just happened to be driving behind him when he pulled up and stopped,or she saw me standing there,and decided to wait till someone pulled up to get me,so she could pounce.it just happened to fast for anything else.
    even though the charge was dismissed,i'm still fuming over the way she blatantly lied after swearing under oath.now i wish i'd taken my son as a witness.two to one might have cost her job,which is what she deserves for purgery.
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    misfit,i'd file a complaint with the newark pd.
  18. misfit

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    i'm really considering it.i just don't like thinking she's probably out there doing that stuff to other people.funny she could remember my joking about the o2,but her the rest of her story was outright lies:confused:
  19. I agree...sounds like the *&%#@ (leave out adj. due to the family nature of this site) needs a good &*%$slappin'! (leave out noun due to the family nature of this site) :)

  20. FOSR

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    Does anyone know the legal distinctions between "parking" and "stopping" and "standing"?

    Hey if you really needed to, couldn't you subpoena the parking lot security camera videos? If the truck sat there for that long then the video would show it.